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  1. So I followed the install directions using OVGME and I get this.
  2. @Rudel_chwTechnically yes and no. The guys doing the S-300 pack were part of the whole team that did the high digit pack. Looks like they branched off into their own.
  3. @Nightstorm I noticed the high digit sam mod definitions on the list however if I try to change the SA-17 to list as 17 in game instead of 11 it doesn't update it in game. Would this change be possible?
  4. @LetMePickThat I have a question regarding RWR definitions on these items. I know that these are mostly variants of the S-300 family but is it possible that they all have different definitions for SA and RWR databases so that a site shows up as a 20 or 21 instead of a 10.
  5. @AdrianL You could delete the old units from High Digit to resolve the conflict
  6. Technically you are correct but the problem with that scenario is there isnt a quadruple ejection rack for it. At least if there is I have not seen any documentation. Also the drag with carrying that many would negate any weight savings you might see with a lighter bomb.
  7. Anyone still trying to use this mod? I've managed to update the mod using some of the fixes listed in here. All the units show up and work to an extent. Two of the units require switching their alarm state to red for them to fire but the rest are fine. Hoping more experienced coders could look into that and figure out that bug.
  8. @hamza_KhanReviving this thread because I would love to see this mod live again.
  9. Any chance of making more radar guided AAA? The S-60 had radar guidance back in 60's and I think it would be awesome to try and get that in game. Would make them useful for night ops and would be quite formidable
  10. Looks like this mod is broken again
  11. I noticed this thing has a problem with take off. I cant seem to find a runway long enough for it to take off. Just keeps rolling into the dirt and crash at the end of the ramp.
  12. Well this would be helpful in English
  13. Does anyone have any tips for this rocket? I cant seem to find any accurate info on aiming them. Bombs too.
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