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  1. I'm running the latest version of open beta and have the following system specs CPU: I9 9900 @3.6Ghz 32MB RAM RTX 2080 TI Win10 Valve Index In index software, I have resolution at recommended 150%. In game I have experimented with setting pixel density from 1.2 all the way to 2.0 No matter what I try, max FPS in the air is 45 and on the ramp at Nevada I'm getting around 30. This seems awfully low to me and am wondering who to get more FPS? Thanks!
  2. Currently when doing a cold start, when I need to start each engine, using the finger lift on the HOTAS doesn't move the throttle forward. Instead, I have bound the linger left (on) to a switch on the HOTAS. Is there a way to get the finger lift (on) mapped to the HOTAS throttle to make the physical world match the virtual world?
  3. Is anyone using the grey slider on the HOTAS throttle in VR? I have it assigned to an axix that is for zoom...but in game, moving it doesn't cause anything to happen.
  4. Could you explain how this script is used and how to implement it? Thanks!
  5. Where can I get a glove mouse like this?
  6. https://derekspearedesigns.com/index.html
  7. I use the right switch, button, and rotary to map all the mouse controls to. I do the same thing with another button box on the right. By doing so, I'm always using the correct hand and I'm working the virtual button/switch/knob that I'm looking at in VR.
  8. You must have misunderstood what I wrote. This doesn't use up any HOTAS space. I have separate input button boxes.
  9. A short time ago I noticed that Sting TV had mapped left mouse click to a button on his joystic (https://goo.gl/B13xpm) to enhance immersion in VR. I got to thinking...why not map left, right, and mouse wheel to my input devices? So here is what I did: Left input device has buttons, rotaries, and toggle switches....so I mapped left mouse to a button and to the down toggle. I mapped right mouse click to the up toggle, and I mapped mouse wheel forward to a right twist on the rotary, and mouse wheel back to a left twist. Then I repeated the process with an input device on my right side. The result is that now, all I do is center the clue cross (only seen in VR) on the HUD and I never have to touch my mouse again. After that, all I do is look at the button, switch, dial in the virtual cockpit and then push my button, flick my switch, or twist the rotary knob and the thing I'm looking at acts exactly as though I have touched it with my real hand. Totally freaking awesome! You can do this in the UI section of control mapping.
  10. The new training missions Noob here. I see that on youtube there are a bunch of new training missions..but they aren't in-game yet. I thought they were supposed to be released to the sim on 12/5?
  11. I've been flying the F18 for a few weeks now and can land on the carrier, drop bombs, fire missiles, etc....but I still feel wholly unqualified to fly a mission because I don't really understand all the instructions. I'd love to hear some advice the more experienced pilots here in the forum. Thanks!
  12. Relative Noob here...so thanks in advance for helping me understand this... Just installed VaicomPro tonight and got it working. When I'm flying around and say "Nearest Airport", Katasi is ALWAYS the airport it references. Even though other airports are closer. (I have auto switching turned on). The other thing I don't understand is if you have communication prompts turned on, all the other airports are blacked out. You can still select them with the F keys, but why are they in black font vs Katasi showing up in white font? Thanks!
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