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  1. I received an email saying DCS is now at version 2.7.6 and the Mosquito is now available as early access but when I try to update is says my installation is 2.7.5 and is up to date? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I have noticed that DCS crashes to the desk top during the automatic start up procedure (from ramp) with the AV8B.. Once the sequence gets to "Battery switch - BATT (24.5 volts minimum) part of the start up sequence it crashes out of the game back to the desktop every single time regardless of map too I might add. Thought you would like to know
  3. I made a wallpaper for the DCS main screen. I made the right side black and shifted the picture to the left so the menus don't sit on top of the nice picture! I find it works best with Flaming Cliffs as the module name is non aircraft specific.. Hope you guys like it! Apologies if I posted this in the wrong area. I thought being related to the Hornet it would be ok..
  4. had the same issue but was easily correctable! Thanks for the help!
  5. as I mentioned in the Spitfire thread, rolling back to the previous version fixed all the problems. latest update must be buggy..
  6. yep rolling back to previous version fixed it! Spitfire is now fully functional and perfectly flyable! so definitely they broke it with the update.. shame shame Eagle! hehe!
  7. never mind, I was able to figure it out. Thanks!
  8. sorry im not quite understanding how you actually use this? are you talking about the windows command prompt window? can some one please explain this a bit more?
  9. I checked and the latest VC libraries were already installed.. so any clues as to what else it could be? Is there anything I should be checking?
  10. good to see someone else is experiencing the same or similar issues as me and its not me going crazy! So how to you do a repair or reinstall those libraries?
  11. doesn't help as it will still stall. I wonder if the module needs to be removed and reinstalled perhaps? The only way to be able to fly this plane is to start a mission flying and not from the ramp or runway. Still cannot open or close the canopy. Certain cockpit animations do not work and I get very low FPS flying the Spitfire. Clearly there is something wrong with this plane as I do not experience any of these issues flying other planes I have. This needs to be fixed.
  12. I have DCS 2.0.5 and just did the update 1. When trying to use the Spitifire im having problems and cannot fly the plane. Certain animations do not appear to work such as the following.. The cockpit canopy does not open or close the but sound effect will sound upon the open command. The black lever on the control stick does not move compared to video's on Youtube showing it does. I can extend the landing flaps but I cannot retract them. The gear down light does not illuminate when pushing the throttle forward as shown in Youtube video's. The fuel pressure warning light does not illuminate at all as with the gear down light. Once I do manage to start the engine, it will only run for a few seconds (5 to 10) then stalls. Sometimes DCS will crash when the engine goes to stall. The sound level is very low compared other aircraft and I have to crank the volume right up in order to hear the engine or any other sound effects. There may be other issues I have forgotten to mention. Also I installed the Spitfire before the update 1 but was unable to test it originally due to work commitments so was only able to use it for the first time today.
  13. Cool thanks for that. Hopefully both become available for 2.0 by end of Jan. :)
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