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  1. So, I found the issue... Full Windows re-instalation fix the issue... I still don't know what's wrong on my last installation but now all is fixed. Thanks guys for your support
  2. Thanks and yes I will, that will be easy !
  3. Thanks, I'll try the STEAM Edition to see. I'll install a temporary Windows 10 on another drive to see if it change something. The next Windows 11 will be free. I'll make the update and see... Or maybe that will be fix when ED will move on Vulkan. Something broke my VR and maybe that will be fixed alone with an update of something... But now I can't use DCS ...
  4. I don't think it's a settings issues, for example, I have the same issue if I set the game in extremely low settings.
  5. I disabled Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduler and I still have the issue... I contacted the support and they don't know what's is wrong... I have this only with DCS, I play lot of VR games and no issues...
  6. HAGS off? What is it ?
  7. realistic with your settings? It's not a perf issue, I still have the bug from the ingame main menu with low settings.
  8. Ouch, hope I'll found a solution (or ED), the 11900K is expensive : 689.99€ on my local store... and their is no indication that i9900k isn't compatible in VR.
  9. Hello, I have a strange bug on DCS VR mode. I'll try to explain it ... First, I have this PC : I9-9900k, 32 Gig of Ram and RTX 2080ti, Win10 Pro. I have 3 VR headset : HTC Vive Pro, G2 and Vive Pro 2. Same issue on all VR helmet. I have something like lags/judder. I have this issue from the game menu to the in game/in the plane, anywhere. (Setting the game in low setting don't do anything ! (so it's not a PC issue). Without VR all is fine and can play the game at 150 fps on high setting. And the tricky part : If I set the game is out of focus, (with the red indication : Out of focus) all become fine in the VR headset ! (but ... as the game is out of focus, I can't use it ...) I have the issue since 2/3 months and I found a partial fix but now not longer working. The trick was to switch from Beta to Normal version of Steam VR. (I had to switch each time I wanted to play. But now, it's not working anymore...) Any idea ? I tried : • Full re-installation • Steam VR re installation / full reset. • Deleted the game data (settings etc) • Updated the GPU driver • Use other VR headset I don't try yet : • Windows reinstall Thanks
  10. I don’t think that they will showcase a simple IA aircraft on this kind of video. That will be a playable module.
  11. +1 for VR users. Pilot 3D body in the 3D cockpit should be a priority.
  12. Practice, practice and practice, no secret. Manage your joystick's curve as well should help. Try VR if you can. I could not get a proper refuel before VR (not more than 10 seconds) and now VR give me more feeling and now I can do it.
  13. Still better that what we have now? I don't like how numbers/indications are pronounced on DCS right now like that all is "disconnected". Not fluent. English isn't my natural language so maybe I don't notice all the imperfection. But to me, it's better than what we have right now. For now, the best I have seen so far, but again, perfection is what we have in the ATC of the last commercial SIM released in 2020. (Don't know if I can say the name?)
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