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  1. I did edit the Lua for the uh-60, will check if it is locked. What's the recommended way ahead? I would start with see if I have her locked. Is deleting her an option? (with backup of course)
  2. Yeap, sure did. Will try again later again.
  3. Am I just to dumb, but I don't find the Mirage F1 in the plane list. Installed and delete and re installed latest beta now twice.
  4. Looking forward to autumn to finish the campaign. Currently it's too hot for me to fly 1,5 h in VR. Good thing is, I might experience all these changes. Thank you
  5. Damn, and I still solely fly that module and enjoy it. That has to end and I guess I show myself to the door for being such a ignorant.
  6. That's where I come into play, I pretend to be a pilot and "fly" that thing. Works great, give it a try.
  7. Anyone who wants to get rid of his Virpil WarBRD Grip, please PM.
  8. Falls jemand seinen Virpil Warbirds Griff verkaufen möchte, können wir uns vielleicht einig werden.
  9. I don't see ED talking it over, but would love to be proven wrong or Vaicom pick up their game again. For me losing VAICOM would be a desaster.
  10. Just waiting for #44
  11. You might want to look at the rhino base. (threat is called "honey I developed a FFB Joystick" or something like that)
  12. If you are in the long awaited vacation and can't wait for the moment to be back in the VR cockpit, you might be a DCS Red neck
  13. I bought the F1 right away, but are away from my computer for another 3 weeks. First time in ages I'm looking forward to come back from vacation. So I not only bought the module but also 3 weeks of big fixing, maybe something happened by then, we will see
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