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  1. Thx for reply, I hope to see it sooner or later ;).
  2. I noticed the same (like Marklar), but this works for me. Thx for the tip!
  3. Pls do it, it colud be nice to have this possibility for mission creators. Now its possible only with external scrips like this:
  4. Set yourself up for 2H of 2023, so whatever comes first is extra .
  5. Hi, dont know, is it working on the current stage (EA)? For example, I found targets, saved them and Id like to sent it to the other player (in the second copter) in MP. Is it possible or not yet?
  6. what will it do? Stereo is more demanding so in general, enabling this will result in a lower frames rate than single pass in VR.
  7. Thats correct, Id like to see option like this in special tab for cold and dark too (no need aligmnment for C&D for VR users). Maybe in this incoming OB patch we will see it, however the name of the topic is still „investigating”, not „solved” :(.
  8. Good, more AH-64 campaignes, more fun! Thank you for your work, we’ll test it in MP. The scenario idea is nice.
  9. It could be good idea if ED will do possibility to have maps on another disc (so something like in P3D, FSX), its possible but dont know about protection it this situation. If they will do the whole World it could be necessarily maybe (and few birds singing about it ).
  10. YoYo


    F1 is nice too, I'll take the whole package :
  11. It could be true, maybe some of users had "Stereo=No" in his settings (dont know why, I have "Yes" on default from the beginning), so here is the reason of better 3D effect? I did tests and dont see any the other results, I have good feeling of 3D as it was before on my HP Reverb G2. What is strange (in the first movie) I didnt notice that dcs.exe is connected to the 3DVR profile so Inspector (who I have had experience with for years) doesn't know its supposed to work with DCS, interesting ;). It does not work like that, sorry. Maybe for some its a better effect, but I guess it's either a matter of having something off or maybe a placebo.
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