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  1. Chacer

    Flight sim rig

    Hi all, I have for sale my Thrustmaster warthog throttle & stick & saitek rudder pedals. The throttle has the tdc stick modded with the xbox stick to give much better control. There is also a 200mm stick extension. The grip is the thrustmaster f/a18c grip not the f16/a10 version. All in good working order & in good condition. I would prefer pick up & payment in person from Bridgwater area in Somerset due to size & weight. £365 Thanks for looking.
  2. My problem was in single player. I don't use voice chat or srs. Not tried it in multiplayer yet, but it's fixed in single player by using the setting above screenshot from MAXsenna
  3. This worked for me!!!!! Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated
  4. Thanks guys. I will give these suggestions a go when I get back from work tonight & report back.
  5. Hi all, Just updated voice attack & now when I push the TX1 button & hold it, TRANSMIT TX1 PRESS appears & TRANSMIT TX1 RELEASE appears a split second later even though I am still holding the button. this only happens when i load into a plane. With a mission or instant action not running the TX1 button acts properly. Have I missed a new setting or something else? Only happened since the update. I have tried it in a couple of planes & it does the same in both. I have looked through the settings & cant see anything that may have caused this. Cheers Rob
  6. Order #4528 received today & fitted. All working nicely!
  7. I just use a switched USB hub to switch between sticks. Works for me!
  8. Chinook for me. There was a loaded gunship version also.
  9. I was constantly having this problem until i changed usb ports. Restarted oculus & all seems to be ok now.
  10. Just tried it as well. Can slew now but wont lock anything:(
  11. Sensor control switch right if using right ddi, then you should see a little diamond appear in top right of ddi. You can then use the slew button.
  12. Not getting the freezing yet! but have got the radar elevation problem.
  13. Just what I need! Awesome tutorial matey. Now just need to go & practice, practice, practice
  14. Same sort of spec as you, I just use the high settings tab. I get around 60fps (monitor is 60hz).
  15. Cannot get it to work with 2.5. I am using the android version. Works on my 1.5 version.
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