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  1. As per title. Messed up on the first mission (F16 TGP.... infuriating), so to fly it again I went skip to push time. It just ends the mission. Edit: Strange. I tried F2 (request lowdown) instead to see if it was just misplaced flags. It gave me lowdown, but then skip to push time worked. Edit2: Even stranger, it now seems to work as intended... The difference may have been that the first time I did it, I did it from a "fly again" rather than a clean start. I tried using "fly again" a second time and had the same problem.
  2. Yeah about 1 in 10 times it would work, the rest of the time was a mix of strobing and black screen. I just gave up and reverted back to the main driver.
  3. Chalk up another fail. WMR portal just leaves me with black screens in the headset - it's on (you can tell the backlight of the screen is on), but just black in the headset. I did do an upgrade vice clean install, so now I guess I'll try clean...
  4. George has GREATLY improved in the last open beta patch. He tracks moving targets very well now, and he actually uses the FOV on the TADS, so you can see what he’s doing. This also allows you to assess when you have LOS for a shot, so have him slave, and move the aircraft until you can be sure you have a clear shot before giving him consent. This for me solved 90% of the frustrations people have identified in this thread. I had a great session yesterday using him as CPG, attacking targets in dense urban areas. I’d just move the aircraft and watch the TADS until the street was lined up just right, then roll out and give him consent. Challenging but very doable.
  5. Maybe this is it then. How do I access the steamvr overlay? (nvm, think I found it) Edit: Yes, thank you, I have it working. On first glace the VR toolkit seems to have a nice effect out of the box. I'm honestly starting to get burnt out on chasing the holy grail of picture quality / performance. OpenXR was a bust due to stutters, now I'm trying to go back to reshade (had v4 working well). Why can't it all just work out of the box!!
  6. Tried reshade 5.1 via the installer, the menu comes up and everything but none of the effects make any difference...
  7. Where do I place this file? I'm getting the unhandled exception (over quota). I'm assuming this is the file it's attempting to download? Where do I put it to bypass the download requirement? I've placed it in /bin but still get the unhandled exception. Edit: I think I fixed it. It goes in /bin for the main DCS folder, then no need to use the opencomposite exe to switch to OpenXR. Correct? Edit2: Working, but as with the previous version, I can't remedy microstuttering issues. It looks soooo much better, but the stuttering is unacceptable... I can only make it playable by lowering all settings to VR preset, then it just looks worse than with SteamVR.
  8. I haven't done night ops in awhile.... But I recall that turning on your lights is supposed to be the signal to launch (in lieu of salute). It doesn't seem to work now, I have to salute anyway. Is this correct?
  9. As I’m still on X370 even with my 3900X, I wasn’t able to enable SAM until recently when AMD released the new beta BIOS to allow 5000 series on X370. I now have the beta BIOS and have enabled SAM, and it seems to me to have increased smoothness. My FPS is relatively unchanged I think, but I’ve just noticed a general increase in smoothness and reduced CPU usage.
  10. Yes, this is interesting. Now that X370 boards are able to accept Zen 3 chips, I’m in a bit of a dilemma whether to upgrade to the 5800X3D and wait another year+ for a new system, or just pop in a 5900X (which are on great sales right now) and jump to AM5 this fall…
  11. I guess the case where it would be useful would be a situation where you “lose” the TADS. You are searching the area ahead, and want to correlate the area it is looking with your view outside. Maybe you see something outside, so you set C-HMD as Acq, slave to it and get the tads into the right area, but once you unslave and start moving the tads around, you may need to fine tune where it’s looking onto the exact spot you want to investigate. Or you go too far one way and want to get back without having to change Acq back to HMD. It would be easier to walk the cross into the right area by looking outside, then transition to looking inside. I just still find it very strange that the pilot can get the cross where the tads is looking, but CPG cannot.
  12. Perhaps I’m missing something then. In the CPG seat, when I have TADS selected as sight, I do not have the option to select TADS as acquisition source, which I need to do in order to see it in my HMD. The pilot has that option and can do this, but the TADS is not in the list for me in the CPG seat when TADS is the selected sight.
  13. I’m no expert either, but that is what I tend to do. It also allows me to “reset” to a known point when needed. But it’s a poor workaround for not being able to see where it’s pointed in the HMD, which is strange since the pilot can.
  14. @NineLine I know you may not have come back to this one as it's marked missing info, but there's now a couple of tracks provided. If there's still info required, can you advise what is needed? Can we confirm if this is a bug being investigated? If it's not, clearly we're all doing something wrong that we'd like to rectify. Thanks!
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