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  1. Got it figured. All in all, the best way to insure accuracy is to find that hole in the clouds.
  2. Not familiar with the LOS term. L for Laze? And for the easy missions I believe all steerpoints are spi. The bridge should be spi when I use that steerpoint. When I am able to see it it is.
  3. Thanks for replying. I was thinking no one would. This is, of course, just my stubbornness in wanting to complete the first easy missions after training. I was able to take out the bridge with a 38 but am still having trouble repeating that with making the target spi (not locking on to the bridge for some reason. How do you clear the spi for a retry? Going under these low clouds for that would mean using up valued ordinance to take out the AAA. I can drop down below for the tanks and hit the AA and can direct the wingman to help but he likes to use more than one missle at a time.
  4. Just getting back into DCS and retraining in the Hog 2. Question is; how do you play the missions with the cloud cover. If you are Lazing targets do you hover and wait for cloud openings? Seems it could take quite a while. The first 'easy' mission starts just after sunrise. Will the clouds dissipate after a while? Don't know if I have the time or patience to fly for hours.
  5. Many years ago I owned DCS Blackshark. Is there any way of getting it back without paying again?
  6. The training stops because the original is done on the right Display. So the button is highlighted waiting for my input. Clicking on the left display won't allow the next step. So, you have to swap.
  7. Hoping someone sees this soon and can help. Having been away from DCS for a couple of years I too need to refresh with tutorials. And I too am stuck at this point. I have tried Zipties suggestions and have been successful twice after much button mashing at swapping the MFDs. Just came back from a third try and no joy. It is mapped to coolie as a long press and it does bring up twin displays, both left and right. but subsequent presses don't swap it. For the life of me I don't know how I got it to work those two time but I was following Zips instruction. But button mashing does not bring up a twin. I really need to follow thru with the training exercise so I hope someone can help. My game is up to date.
  8. Yep. got it. Thx. Would still like it brighter, tho.
  9. Any way of turning this up? I finding it hard to see in some daylight situations.
  10. My TM16000 axis x and y on the stick are now running 20 for the curve. I'm still diddling so it's not set in stone. I tried 30 and found it too sluggish. Might reduce more yet. I'm at 5 for a deadzone. Rudder is at 15 and deadzone same. I'm using the twist. The slider on the stick (also an axis) makes a good both wheel brake. On the TWCS, the axis are the 'wings(what I call them) and the 'pinky wheel'. Wings work great as the cockpit zoom and the wheel is my flaps. So far. The TWCS is a brute for fine adjustment. Someone said WD40 so I opened it up and lubed.It helped but I have this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/885326705/impulse-slider-thrustmaster-t16000m?ref=shop_home_feat_1&bes=1&variation0=1628072633&variation1=1572244310# coming. Should do the trick. As it stands, no mid air fuelling with that throttle. It's even difficult doing a smooth run up on a prop plane. I've also tried the TWCS ministick as rudder and aileron trim. Still flying like a boat so maybe I've got that wrong. Maybe rudder and elevator?
  11. Last night I installed the EVGA Precision software and found a simple vid for safe overclocking. After setting what he used I still have the card at 99 to 100% but there has been a noticeable reduction in the temperature. So, that should help. And I do have a notice instruction at Newegg for an out of stock 1660 mini when they are back. Hangin in there.
  12. Saw a vid on a guy playing with settings in his nvidia software running taskmanager performance. His card was a GTX1080 three years ago. Mines's a 1050. flying at my current settings everything is smooth and doable but nowhere near what I'm seeing on youtube. He got his gpu usage down considerably but when I tried it I barely got a 1% difference. Mine is pretty well pinned at 100% from the getgo. I only hope the card hold up till I can grab a 1660 or even a 2060 at a decent price. Theres nothing available right nowbut I am hoping by the spring things will start to flow again. Oh ya, my bo0x is an ITX so I need a mini, doubly hard to come by.
  13. Wow. I bet he bought himself a 3d printer and can't make em quick enough. I gotta get one.
  14. He was out but notified me a few days ago that parts were back in
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