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  1. Danke, YMadDog! Das war es, glaube ich... Grüsse aus Köln!
  2. Hallo Zusammen, Ich weiß, der topic ist in hunderten Beiträgen abgehandelt und ich will eigentlich nicht den 101. dazu machen: Ich habe meinen PC upgegraded und suche die Anleitung, wie man jede einzelne Einstellung des PC's (nicht in DCS!) optimiert, um die optimale Leistung in DCS zu erhalten. Dummerweise habe ich den link darauf mit dem Neu-Aufsetzen mitgelöscht Da ging es um Einstellungen im BIOS, das Festpinnen der DCS-threats auf die schnellsten Prozessor-Cores, usw. Kennt das jemand und hat zufälligerweise den link?
  3. [emoji108][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Gesendet von meinem SM-G960F mit Tapatalk
  4. Good to see progress in the software. When does production resume again? You know, sitting on the fence watching your discussion is not the same ;) Gesendet von meinem SM-G960F mit Tapatalk
  5. Miles, there is only a mere 50 orders left... Why not clean up thereafter? Gesendet von meinem SM-G960F mit Tapatalk
  6. Thanks, Twwhitey, that one I also found.. I did not try since in the system requirements it states 'Windows2000, WindowsXP'... I thought that there might be changed a hell of a lot since... But I might give it a try if it worked for you... Gesendet von meinem SM-G960F mit Tapatalk
  7. Saving speech training data We all spent hours training the voice recognition for VAICOM. Precious time. This effort should not be useless once we reinstall windows, methinks. How do you guys make sure you don't lose the work? I didn't find a ready-to-use app making sure my training data survive. Obviously, the data reside in %appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Speech, whereas the registry-keys are in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Speech Is it sufficient to just save those and copy/paste it into the newly installed windows?
  8. Hi Pinello, I run it on a 1080 and am quite content. I used 100% the setup described here: https://vr4dcs.com/2019/09/10/reverb-settings-for-dcs/ My fps are always sufficient (in the range of 35-45). I decided not to upgrade my harware because of the performance measured and experienced. Now only the performance of the player has to be improved ;) Regards, flankerrider
  9. Excuse, if that has been asked already. Since reinstall, I have a weird issue with my Reverb: In DCS, it does not track longitudinal movements: When I move my head towards the instrument panel, it moves away at the same rate (i.e. it remains in the same distance). I use 100% the setup as described in https://vr4dcs.com/2019/09/10/reverb-settings-for-dcs/
  10. Yes. But You have to train Windows speak recognition. Go to Settings -> Time&language -> Chose 'Speech' on the menu on the left -> set language English and tick the 'Recognize non-native accents for this language'. This assumes you downloaded the english package (It's below in this window) For training: Press windows-key + Ctrl + S In the speech recognition window with the right mouseclick, you find all the prerequisites to train windows to your voice.
  11. For troubleshooting I did the following: - repair DCS - delete export.lua I started the game (w/o VAICOM): Jester wheel was available again, the commands ("apply air" via the comm-menu) worked. I started VAICOM, started the game: The module was recognized, Jester answered, I issued the command "apply air" which was recognized, the chief answered "no air available" So: It is something with Voiceattack/VAICOM, but I have no clue where to search... EDIT: Solved. Have to apply command "Connect Air Supply" first...
  12. Yes; it's the chief who reports no air is available... Regards
  13. I am not sure whether it is a problem with VAICOM or unrelated: After installing I tried to do the F14-cold start-mission from the 'Instant action'-menu, which worked flawlessly before. After request, the chief connects the GND PWR, I asked Jester for startup. Jester answers and asks for the air. I give the command 'Apply AIR', and the chief answers that there is no air available... Any hints? EDIT: Solved. Have to apply the command "Connect Air Supply" first.
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