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  1. Update: I set the first texture setting to medium and all my stuttering issues disappeared. Plus I can’t really tell a difference between medium and high textures in openxr. Hope this helps someone!
  2. Just saw this topic as I have been banging my head against the wall with my stuttering issues. Go ahead and throw my name on the heap with same issues. My setup: 5800x / 3080ti / 64GB RAM / Reverb G2 I have spent lots of money upgrading my system trying fix this issue (damn near brand new system now) and I have finally landed on what appears to be the culprit - VRAM. All of the issues everyone speaks of here are identical - I wanted to add to it to try and maybe assist: When my VRAM spikes and my frames go to crap: -My GPU power goes from 350W to 200-230W. -My GPU usage goes from 60% to 99%. This happens in the Apache and on Syria, but last night, it happened on the LSO stand in caucuses. After sitting there for 5 minutes, the graphics reset, the power increased, and the frames went back to 45+. To replicate: 1. Load The second instant action mission for AH64 in Syria - Hot start on the ramp. 2. From there on, complete stuttering. 3. I am using OpenXR, my settings are mostly low, save cockpit textures being high. Have tried it with shadows off, clouds low. it seems as if the system is using the power for something else and DCS gets put on the back burner, goes to 15 frames. I alt tab out, mess around for a few minutes, all of the sudden it wakes up and goes “oh, you need power? Here you go”. Power comes back, so do the frames.
  3. I then asked if that included those in the US.... No offense to VPC, I am sure they make great products and I am undoubtedly excited about my purchase, but every time they give a timeline, I get my hopes up and then am disappointed. At this point I am just in "whatever" mode and will be happily surprised when my gear gets here. Already waited months...what's another week or so? At least they are relatively active on these forums and are fairly transparent with what's going on.
  4. Nothing here yet. They assured us that we would all have it by this week, but I don't see them overnighting mine to California.
  5. How bout those in the US? I placed my order May 1st. This 10% is getting put back on our cards? Or is this 10% for future orders? I would almodt forego that for expedited shipping, as I am in California. Thanks.
  6. Just ordered a stick, base, desk attachment and the extender set...amped to get it all!!
  7. Black DCS Logo flashes for a millisecond, then nothing happens. Have installed VC14 as well. 2. What antivirus / security are you using? Just the Defender that comes with Win 10 5. List any unofficial modifications / tweaks you are using None DxDiag.txt autoupdate_log.txt Logs.zip
  8. No message, the DCS Black logo screen pops on the screen for a blink of an eye, then nothing happens. I have windows defender. Had no issues with the previous dcs 2 alpha, no issues with 1.5. I installed vc14, restarted, and still nothing. I will try again with defender disabled.
  9. No joy. Looks like I will find out how to go back to the other version.
  10. I think so, but will re-install when i find it. 1.5 loads up no problems. Will look into it, thanks!
  11. Just installed the new update today, and now the DCS logo just flashes for a millisecond and then closes out. I am not running any mods, and have tried re-starting as well.
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