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  1. *New Ver 23rdf Nov 2020* Created with OVGME Tested OK on DCS OpenBeta
  2. Fair enough - trk files take on the current settings you have when recording so if you need to change them after the fact that's how you can do it Unfortunately the replay function is a petulant child, dont expect it to do exactly what you did perfectly as you did it - always expect the unexpected on track files!
  3. (Best practice make a copy of your trk and work on the copy ) Open your trk file with 7zip Drag drop options file to notepad++ Check Settings like ["spectatorExternalViews"] = true, ["externalViews"] = true, (there might be others) Save Retry trk in DCS
  4. *New Ver 20 Nov 2020* Created with OVGME 20th Nov 2020 00:11 Tested OK on DCS OpenBeta *Updated* A10CII C-101CC C-101EB F-14A-135-GR f-14b F-16C_50 FA-18C_hornet FW-190A8 MiG-21Bis mig-29s P-47D-30
  5. *New Ver 20 Nov 2020* Created with OVGME 20th Nov 2020 00:11 Tested OK on DCS OpenBeta Enables you to select your favorite default livery for your chosen module regardless of country assignment by the mission maker Passes IC - MP Compatible - everyone has the default liveries so others will see the livery as you do Small size & covers all standard modules Safe for use - uses savegames so no core files are over written OVGME Compatible Mod Page My other bits n pieces
  6. Found it myself, looks like this might have gotten forced on in one of the patches as ive spoken to others seeing the same. To turn it off see the screenshot attached
  7. Hi all, I've been out of DCS for about 5 patches now im back and up to date :) but..... I seem to have a damage feed printing in real time to the screen when playing both SP and MP. Is this a new feature ? Am I able to turn it off if so which option ?
  8. Oh yes of course - couldn't see the wood for the trees! Not sure how they got installed in the first place but yes disabling and uninstalling the individual FC3 Aircraft did the trick. Thanks
  9. Hello, Since the last couple of beta updates - 4 and 5 When i start dcs openbeta I get a DLC registration box for each of the FC3 aircraft (top picture) I have tried inserting my FC3 key and clicking bind on each window but they continue to popup each time i start ob. In module manager FC3 has my key but all the FC3 individual aircrafts say "no key" I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling FC3 both from module manager and via commandline. Even though is says they are authorized i can still fly them all so its not game breaking its just annoying that i have to click through all these box each time i start the game. Does anyone have any ideas to try and fix this issue?
  10. DCS Theatre: 1.5 Caucasus Can I confirm if this DCS @release or DCS @openbeta
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