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  1. How do you install this mod, and Taz's, and Mustangs together?
  2. Has anyone done any of the subject missions? I did a couple searches but didn't come up with anything.
  3. I was thinking that was probably the case...
  4. Is it possible to destroy Hoover Dam or other's? What does it take if it is possible?
  5. Will the new Microsoft Flight Simulator be able to use Simshaker?
  6. I have a question about how sound module interfaces with DCS. What I want to do is have various electrical actuators fire/turn on when sound module sends a signal to the other transducers/shakers/jetseat. One example is when the ejection seat fires, I want an electromagnetic lock to actuate. Essentially, when the locks magnet is electrified, it throws the bolt away from the magnet. The energy is good enough that the feeling is similar to being kicked in the back, just like being ejected from a plane. It also would be perfect for the catapult launch. So the signal from SSA would go to the seat and Sound Module normally and would still do what it does for the shakers. Nothing would change, but the initial signal going to the shaker would also provide the signal to a relay that would then open to signal the relay to open and then to fire the lock bolt. I am not explaining it too well. The signal doesn't have to sustain anything and I don't think it would take anything away from the proper functioning of the shaker. It would essentially be like a lighted switch. The light on the switch is really just a parasitic effect and it's energy would be enough to open the relay. After the relay opens, there is no further need for electricity. Since the signals from DCS to the Jetseat and Sound module originate in SSA, I think the answer lies here..
  7. This thread exists to provide accurate key binds to the Tomcat that were not, or are not currently, available upon HB's release. These are real life controls that where in the F-14B. This is not about binding controls to make things easier or convenient. The usefulness of this topic is primarily to Pit builders and those that use external switching controls. There is no next/previous steer mode in the PDCP. Trim (which is not an axis) and autopilot are already in the controls menu to be bound. Like Winter said, HB has to add the rotary switch capability.
  8. I have moved to the Reverb since posting this and havent had the spikes. I will do the mod as suggested, c0ff, and report back! Might take a day or so. Nice enough outside to maybe get something done but thanks for working on this, everyone!
  9. Is there a way to assign an effect or vibration or something to the initial thump/shock of a catapult shot? I have a transducer that will basically punch me in the back when that thump happens. Now all I have to do is get something to tell that transducer to fire. Is this more a Sound Module thing?
  10. Huge thanks for working this! Is there a list with all the code that could be copied and pasted into the file. Is there a way to code rotary dials into DCS?
  11. I have those specs except I have 32gb of RAM (DDR4-2400) and the Reverb works well for me. Go here - https://vr4dcs.com/
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