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  1. Jetseat Kw908 works wonderful.It's just like oculus.You start flying with and you will never fly without...I can suggest without hesitation.And Andre (He is selling the Kw908) he is present all the time,he answers all your questions.Just perfect if you can't afford a motion sim chair systems
  2. I'll be patient.Don't worry,shit happens :pilotfly:
  3. I thought It was me and my sound mods that I installed. I reinstalled all 2 times,erase 4-5 times campaign to reinstall.I was going really mad ahahaha :joystick:. So it is a common error if we can't play the campaign fore now because none of the triggers are not working right?
  4. THANK YOU f4l0 :rotflmao: :thumbup::pilotfly:
  5. Ok f4l0 I can survive without, I will shake my self to simulate :) Thanks a lot again for your work and effort.
  6. I made a test flight with max turbulence in game (197) and max turbulence effects in simshaker and I think I feelt tiny little effects when turbulence hit hard.It must be the measure change problem with m/s to feet.
  7. I think dcs changed turbulence measure. Before it was m/s second now feet.Maybe that's why turbulence effects are gone because simshaker don't recognize that measure ??? I don't know.
  8. Hi f4l0, Flaps effects back again thanks :) And turbulence? Can you fix it too?
  9. Aircraft flyby as double-images is a result of ASW.ASW is very usefull if you can't keep 90 fps but inconvenient is double image flyby view,in cockpit asw is perfect. I play with ASW on all the time and don't look at flyby view or I look at at low speed.1.5.7 today works wonderfully well in vr.I have allmost all options high with pixel density 1.8 and ASW on I can fly crystal clear witout problem.For NTTR I have to set Pixel to 1.7 and decrease one or two options and fly without shutter Asw on 45 fps smooth as butter. Dcs 1.5.7 Shadows High and default Dcs 2.1 Shadows Low and default (Impact is huge with deferred shading) My config is I7 4970k @4.8 1080 Strix Oc 16gb DDR3 Samsung 840 Pro Ssd
  10. Correction I have bumps effects.Sorry I lost Flaps and Turbulence effects.
  11. Hi everyone, And thanks a lot f4l0 for your effort. Just one problem with the new Beta release. I lost Flaps,Bumps and Turbulence effects with my F-15 :( Can you look at it when you have some time. Was working %100 all effects before and now Flaps,BUmps and Turbulence are gone. Other effects working well. Thank you , Baris
  12. Then what wiil be the difference between SSA and Wings???Wings will support new flight simulations and will be payware???
  13. That is a REALLY GOOD NEWS :clap:
  14. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Thanks a LOT :pilotfly:
  15. I have already beta but do I have to download the new beta or is there an automatic update???
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