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  1. Outstanding work! Looking forward to playing with this.
  2. Wags himself has made it clear that this video is a bug video. After looking at the length and content of this video, let that soak in for a bit. I am done with the ED forums. See you on YT and other forums.
  3. Ok folks, here is a much longer video covering advanced topics regarding daytime approaches and landings at the ship. I have a few rough approaches at first and I get to highlight all things you need to watch out for. I talk about "spotting the deck" and proper intervals in the flight pattern and the "burble". I provide constructive feedback on the flight model for the devs plus a ton of praise as well :smartass: I will probably do a follow-up video on this topic to talk a little bit more about LSO grades, in depth understanding of the AOA's impact for landings and No-Hud approaches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiVdwkuCrwg Enjoy! :book:
  4. Now this makes sense since Boeing would have moved staff around after consolidating MD's workforce.
  5. Can someone point to me the video where she talks about when she was recording the voice lines back in the late 70s and early 1980 for the F-18A when she was how old??? Got news for you folks there was a betty before her.
  6. It's not normal, the hornet's aerodynamics was more responsive that what is currently in the flight model. I have faith belsimtek will get this nailed in due time. Although, I will say that I am noticing the throttle movement range is pretty damn good when on glideslope. With the right turbulence in close to touchdown you would sometimes have to go to mil in real life. Watch my next video to see more about this topic.
  7. I will talk about this in my next video. I stand corrected, all my time in the Hornet I assumed the SB would either fully extend or fully retract unless you intentionally went the other way with the SB switch to stop it. I never ever mentally had to track where the speedbrake position was, in my mind it was either fully extended for fully retracted based on my switch inputs. Good on ED for getting it right with the NATOPS.
  8. Here is a falling leaf video of the Hornet. At the very end you hear Betty chime in with "altitude" and "flight controls". This is the Betty I remembered from my flying days. Boeing gave ED an updated version of Betty that probably came out of Rhino development. I have no doubt that the C/Ds were updated with this voice but she was not my Betty ;)
  9. Well, 1200 hours in the Hornet and I don't remember Betty having a slight accent (drawl). It's possible that Boeing updated Betty's voice post-2000 to update the voice lines for the super-hornet and upgraded the hornet but she does not sound like the girl I remember (slightly off both in accent and age). Remember the Hornet was designed and produced in the early 80s so by 2000 if they were to do new voice lines the original voice actor would have been 20 years older or they got another voice actor to update the lines for the super hornet. Minor quibble for me obviously.
  10. Bottom line: when I pressed back on the speedbrake switch on the throttle I DID NOT HAVE TO HOLD IT IN to get the speedbrake to fully extend. I simply toggled it back and the SB fully deployed. When I flew the Hornet there was no indicator to show you at what interemediate position the speedbrake was at. And if this is the case in real life then it was an update after the year 2000 timeframe when I stopped flying. In any case if the devs are modeling a lot 20 post 2000 then there will be discrepancies between what I flew and what I am seeing in this sim. I find it fascinating how easily you dismissed my background considering the detail I went into with my first video. In any case, at this rate you will be calling me a fraud on my next video for sure.
  11. This is a relatively short video talking about my initial impressions of the module and more specifically some shortcomings I have noticed with the slow-flight flight model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUj60zicDw&t=148s I make it very clear in my video that I know this is early access and I am not expecting a perfect module so this is why I am posting this video to provide feedback from another subject matter expert source to the devs. I plan to post an advanced topic video on case 1 approaches and landings real soon.
  12. Uh, I was wrong for loading up the client and following the instructions to include clicking on an ok box to install the hornet module from the module list? Listen bud, I know full well the shortcomings ED's scripting routine. They should not allow the game client to mislead their user base by offering up an OK box that gives the impression that the hornet module is ready to install and is just a click away. This would be confusing to anyone that doesn't understand programming and scripting. So no, I am not "Wrong" for highlighting their scripting errors.
  13. Lol this is a first for me, I have never seen such demand for an early access module for a flight sim. It's just a friggin module for pete's sake! This is so ironic for ED, on the one hand the demand is through the roof and maximum profits will be made but on the other, a ton of ticked off users screaming mad that they can't download it yet because the servers are getting slammed as we speak. My copy of the game is taunting me with this error. "00000.011 STATUS: Connecting to update servers... 00000.868 INFO : Got reply from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00001.150 INFO : Got reply from srv9update.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00001.154 STATUS: Verifying cached version info... 00001.451 STATUS: Preparing to install FA-18C ... 00001.702 ERROR: Unknown module FA-18C 00003.878 === Log closed."
  14. I will make sure to announce my video posting on these forums in which case you can subscribe but be warned I have no desire to be a streamer so what that means is I will be posting only a handful of videos in the future. Some things to make clear I will never discuss: BVR tactics, radar performance, RWR topics or weapon engagement tactics. Those topics are personally too sensitive for me to discuss in public. Instead I will focus on talking about take off/landings, mid-air refueling, formation flying and general performance characteristics and possibly classic gun's only techniques (that apply to any jet) in my future videos and that's about it.
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