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  1. I have played the four published missions and I came here to say that they are really, really good. Probably the best user missions I have played, and as good or better than any of the paid DLC campaigns. I had some trouble figuring out what I was supposed to do for the secondary objectives in mission 4. This may be down to my badness as an A-10C pilot, but I felt like if I was communicating with real controllers, I would have been able to get a bit more support than the scripted AI was offering.
  2. I ran into this bug today, so I also couldn't advance past the first call in mission 9. I'm already playing through the campaign mission-by-mission, rather than as a campaign, because of the bug in mission 2.
  3. I think a rough estimate, put into the documentation, would be fine. The people who want that information can go find it. There are ways to spoiler-proof text info like that (put black text on a black background so it's only visible if you highlight it with the cursor). Even just an indication of if a mission is likely to be short, medium, or long would be a big help to me. The borders between the categories can be as fuzzy as you like. I would just like to know, after I have come home from work and finished making and eating dinner etc. if the next mission in the campaign is slated to be 'long', so I can save it for the weekend. I'm not personally concerned about having mission twists spoiled for me, and even if I was, the benefit of knowing if I will have time to play through a mission would be worth much more than any spoiler.
  4. It would be really helpful for me if the people who create campaigns could include an expected-time-to-finish stat for each mission in the documentation. I just finished a mission that took 2.5 hours in the air to wrap up. If we could save our place and come back to it later it wouldn't be an issue, but I don't always have that much time in one block to dedicate to playing DCS. It would be nice to know in advance how much of my evening or weekend I should budget for campaign missions.
  5. The plot thickens: As I was flying out to the AO, I passed a helicopter of the same type as the downed one, flying in the opposite direction, tagged as red. I turned around and shot it down, and when I dropped my GBU on the enemy at the position where the helicopter was supposed to be, the mission trigger fired, I cleared that part of the mission and got the order to continue with the rest. So it looks like the target helicopter is spawning as active, rather than disabled, and it gets up and tries to fly back to base when the mission starts! By shooting it down I destroyed it as requested.
  6. Hi all. I have flown mission 5 twice now, and both times, when I got to Hotel, the downed helicopter I am supposed to destroy isn't there. There is a truck and several bad guys on foot in the right place, but no helo. I dropped a GBU on the truck and soldiers and destroyed them, but I get no further communications from anybody, presumably because I haven't met the conditions to proceed. I just updated DCS to 2.5.6 last night, so possibly something got broken?
  7. ~spoilers ahead~ So I was able to pass the mission yesterday, but the triggers were still wonky. The instructor only started the dialog about the different flavors of SEAD mission *after* I had finished the two 9-lines from Moonbeam, and Uzi never replied to my radio call at all. Luckily I knew where to look for the approaching AAA and SAM (I have done this mission a lot of times because I'm not good at this), and I was able to get them both with a leftover Maverick and some brrrts. I also didn't get the all clear from anybody, the helo just flew home, so I circled it for a while then landed and got the pass. I had a hard time with this one but it's an interesting mission with a lot of different things going on. Things just get tougher when the bad guys shoot back.
  8. I flew this mission today, and after destroying the first SAM site and the two follow-on pop-up targets as directed by Moonbeam, I was heading back to the IP to contact UZI. Chevy flight came on the radio and said "Chevy flight inbound, Chevy taking fire, Chevy going down" as if it was all in one breath. And then my instructor came on to say I had failed the mission. So either the bad guys were spawn-camping the helicopter or something is wonky with the mission triggers...?
  9. Is this a flight school thing? Or does he like me, like, more than a friend
  10. I finished the last mission of the Basic qualification series today. Kudos to Maple Flag for creating such a good campaign, and for keeping up the support after the fact. For the benefit of those who come after, I found a few things useful in completing the missions: - Recon Stewart's video series on Youtube where he flies through all of the missions from start to finish - I watched these vids before trying each mission and knowing a bit of what to expect made a huge difference. - Forum posts here about the troubles other people have had - learning about how missed mission triggers can screw up your flight saved me some frustration. - The included practice missions. These give you some guidelines and general information that doesn't come up in the actual check ride. Nice work Maple Flag, I'll see you in the Advanced campaign!
  11. I have been playing mostly Viggen in the last while, and in the Mjolnir Response campaign you command other pilots in two of the missions where you are doing ground strikes. I can't get my flight to do their job: I can tell them to "complete mission and rejoin" when I'm on the last leg of the flight plan, but they don't fire their ordnance. I try again after I have fired mine, but still nothing. So I complete the mission with own my part of the ground attack successful, but most of the targets untouched. Do I need to change the timing of when I issue the command? Use a different command? Send the order to "Flight" instead of "Wingman" or whatever? I have a lot of stuff to think about at certain points in my flight, I don't want to be fiddling with the radio menu when I'm simultaneously trying to fire anti-ship missiles or run in on a rocket attack. My computer friends are too dumb, pls help
  12. Will the upcoming full campaign be a continuation of the existing Mjolnir Response campaign, or something entirely new? I really like the 5 missions of Mjolnir Response and how they give you a chance to try some of the reconnnce functaiions of the plane, not just dropping bombs on things (though I like that too of course).
  13. I have been reading some accounts written by Spitfire pilots and particularly about the tactics they used when trying to bounce enemy planes, and I'm wondering how much of this is modeled in DCS. Do enemy fighters have a harder time spotting you if you come out of the sun, or you manage to approach from the blind spot under the wing or behind the tail? So much of real warbird tactics seems to have relied on things like this, but am I wasting my time trying to jockey around to an up-sun position in DCS?
  14. For the benefit of those coming after, I also noticed a big improvement in performance, even in the really huge circuses, when I turned off wake turbulence. It was unplayable even at the "VR" settings preset, now it works well with the settings back at their usual high level.
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