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  1. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyones been havin issues with dcs switching audio outputs from their usb headsets to speakers then back in the matter of 10 sec? I'm using the hp reverb for a headset but i just received a replacent and its doing the same thing so I've ruled that out also it doesn'thappen in anyother vr game/cliff house so its isolated to dcs . I've swapped usb ports to every available port. Theres no rhyme or reason to how often it tries to do this but it makes it unplayable because everytime it switches it hangs the sim and after long enough it crashes dcs . If anyones had this issue and found a solution please let me know thanks.
  2. Yea I didn't notice it was posted below but the boresight is still messed up I had a hot tgt at 2 miles and nothing .
  3. As the title says, the vipers bricks are on the hornets radar, also boresight on the jhmcs doesn't work same as the vipers so seems like the viper shares plenty of code.
  4. Yea man have to agree with you there, everyone I've talked to thats happy with performance has 32gb. I have 16gb and im in the same boat, but I also have a 3770k thats what I'm trying to investigate but I only have issues with a lot of static objects around and my cpu load would be fine but bad fps. Changing settings doesn't hardly change the fps, I mean from shit low 1.0 pd to high settings is 25fps to 32 fps avg. I tried on an empty map out in tonopah on the nttr and I get good framerate. Its not even when there a lot going on on the map its when there's tons of static objects. What I don't understand though is I'm only using 13.9gb of my 16 ? My problem is I have 4x 4gb sticks and I don't wanna buy 32gbs of ddr3 lol so I might as well buy processor ram and motherboard anyway. Edit: missed your post about upgrading ram . Will need to grab 32gb then it seems.
  5. Ok that makes sense theres tons of aircraft on the ramp in the mission I was testing fps in.
  6. Yea just played a bunch of vr games at %130 SS on the reverb so 3000x3000 ish. Onward locked 90 fps , fallout 4 90 fps , raw data 90 fps . So I dont think its a WMR or steam vr issue I know steam vr just updated.
  7. Yea man I got my reverb on Tuesday and it was snooth 45 fps locked , now I cant get 45fps in single player , seem like turning settings down does nothing, I went even lower than your settings and still was just making it to 42-44 in the caucuses ready on the ramp hornet, no msaa or shadows with my O+ I was getting 45 fps locked there with %150ss (which is higher than the hp reverb at %100) msaa×2 and low shadows now its dog shit not sure what they broke , never tried a different aircraft will shortly.
  8. I have it at 1.1 ots only noticable in dcs everywhere else its fine.
  9. Mines from the 26th batch from Amazon and i didn't get that
  10. Got mine today all I can say is wow! Played from 230 until 945 with a break for food but I left it on and no issues at all. One question does looking down in the hornet cockpit look foggy ? The ufc and all the black up front is dark but below the canopy bil it looks foggy on all colors ,is it a dcs setting or something? Its not because it isn't oled because its just in the hornet cockpit everywhere else is fine.
  11. Cage/uncage is boresight , Raid switch is your FOV, radar elevation is zoom in and out, I thought the trigger fires the laser not %100 on that.
  12. No pilot would ever start on a FBW aircraft. Everyone starts on a full up mechanical flight control system.
  13. Just push the stick fwd to maintain 600ft don't worry about catching the E bracket until you get slower and you begin to sink relax the stick ,trim for on speed and should work out just fine.
  14. Exactly this^^ Natops should have approach speeds for every possible configuration . To simplify it though just fly on speed aoa. Its quick and easy to get the a/c weight via the checklist. I knew you were too heavy when you said 150-160kts. You will be 120-140 if you are good for weight. Have fun! Cheers
  15. What's your weight ? Be below 33000lb gross weight for a more manageable carrier approach and landing.
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