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  1. Thats what I was wondering
  2. Thats a good question. Maybe they are hard at work on ATFLIR instead. When did we get our tgp? Wasnt it like early august? Somethings gotta be up if they havent added basic hud indication 6 months after the pod released.
  3. Has HUD symbology for the TGP been implemented yet? I remember seeing talk about it a few months ago. I haven't been on to check in a while.
  4. I agree. It was the first thing I noticed early on. Cockpit looks amazing but like others have said, they look too set back. Still such a good job by ED with the pit.
  5. Master arm on AG mode Uncage maverick and select correct laser code Slew TGP over target and depress tdc Fire laser with the trigger and look at mav to ensure the x changes to a square and that your in range Weapon release button.
  6. IIRC thats a personalized option in the data card. DDI pages ect.
  7. I mean specifically white and black hsi when the moving map is hidden.
  8. There have been alot of posts about this in the past. Seems to be an issue with everyone new to CASE1. My advice is to use speed break and dont drop gear or flaps til around 200 instead. Helps alot.
  9. Im also suprised ED hasnt teased any screenshots like they have with litterally every other system before release. Like someone else already said maybe they just want to flesh out more feautures before release.
  10. Ah I see. I find it wierd that 5 hours ago he would refer to tommorow as "sometime next week" though. I wouldnt get my hopes up for any news for a few days.
  11. Was watching the fighter pilot podcast earlier today where they comment on a Hornet startup video. They noted it to be around Lot 14 F/A-18C and it had monochrome DDIs like ours but the HSI on the AMPCD was white in black. Was this Lot specific?
  12. Doesnt sound like any chance for TGP this week. Wags states ina. youtube comment earlier today that they "hope to have a status update on the TGP next week" Sounds like its another OB or two away at best.
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