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  1. Fellas, these links are very helpful. Thank you! Ok. watched the video. Barely understand 1/4 of it. It would seem this isn't going to be as simple as I had hoped. Thanks, though.
  2. I've thought of that, but if so, then what? The individual who published this configuration (whom I have been unsuccessful in reaching) looks to have solved this issue somehow. This isn't an 8-way hat, it's a joystick. Maybe that's the issue, as @Laidback mentioned above, it might be seen as an axis within DCS. I believe I can downgrade to a hat switch, and maybe this is what I need to explore? Thanks.
  3. Cpt, that's exactly the same combo I have, including the TWCS impulse slider and magnetic A/B detents mod. Would you mind sharing your config file? Thanks.
  4. Just acquired a new VKB Gladiator NXT Premium stick, and am using it with a modified TWCS throttle. I'm attempting to follow the configuration attached below for the F/A-18C, to use as a starting point, but DCS doesn't allow me to map anything to the mini-joystick at the upper left of the stick. This has to be something simple that's just eluding me. Help? Plus, on the off chance somebody may already have to file for this schema, can you share it, and same me a bunch of time? Thanks.
  5. It's been a while since I've flown the Hornet, but I could swear it was possible to go all the way to zero with the throttle, but you're telling me you can't? How is flight idle set Vs ground idle? So you're saying there is no need for an idle detent? Thanks.
  6. I just modified my TWCS throttle with the linear bearings, new slider, and magnetic detents for afterburner, and am wondering if I should also add idle detents, to stop me from shutting down the engines inadvertently? If so, at what % of total throw should I place them? I will fine tune with the in game curves. Thanks in advance
  7. These are spring-loaded mechanical releases to allow for climbing boost. The Engine Control Box we're modeling for AuthentiKit will include these releases. You can see them in the first prototype shown below.
  8. Not quite: I want an empty pilot's seat whilst airborne, but with the Navigator in his seat, doing his navigator stuff during the flight, as viewed in a replay. I might be able to kludge this with some complex masking, but it would be a lot easier if I can just hide the pilot when in flight. The idea is to insert a video myself flying a mission from an external camera into the replay video of the same mission. See the quick video I posted above for a rough idea. In the posted video, this is an F-16 pilotless drone flying. Thanks!
  9. This is interesting, but the link to the file is busted. Help? Never mind. Here it is (must've moved): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4971388
  10. Hello. I'm experimenting with some specialized chroma key video that places me in the pilot's seat. In most other aircraft, where there is only a pilot, I can figure this out, but with the Mossie, one obviously also has a Navigator. Is there any way to hide the pilot whilst flying, but keep the Navigator doing his thing per the sim? Here's a very simple example of what I'm looking to do (shot through the clear canopy of a Viper- with the Mosquito, the windscreen mullions/frame would show between me and the camera; And this is the view I'm looking to insert myself into. This is easy to do with no pilot or navigator (as seen below) or with both still visible, but can I hide only the pilot in this view? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ah, I guess that makes sense. Odd, though. Thanks.
  12. I posted this in the Mossie forum, but just realized this issue probably isn't airframe related. When I eject the pilot on the ground, this is what I get. Any ideas? Digital Combat Simulator 2022-01-03 08-06-53.mp4
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