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  1. the first two missions are ATO A.P3.4, ATO A.P2.1. So I can't really tell the order or pattern. Quit > End Mission stopped working on the second mission so there must be some mission complete triggers. Ill just start from mission 2. Need the practice anyways. Thx
  2. I am trying to replay a mission 6 from ka50 campaign "Georgian Old War" Its the mission where you have to kill a VP or a high commander or something. The thing about these missions is that its skips over to the next mission as soon as you quit out of the mission without accomplishing your objective. (even when I got to million "ATO-A-P2.2.miz which is the 6th mission from the list thats stil not the mission iam looking for) I tried going into mission editor and campaign build but I can't find the mission there either. Can someone tell me what the mission file name might be? Thanks
  3. I bought the aggressor campaign for the F18 but its a little too realistic and too hard for me. I am wondering if any of you know of easier campaigns that are simpler and gear towards more fun? (I know difficultly can make a game fun but I am not at that level yet..)
  4. Thats cool This other guy has a different playing style. He stays low but mostly strikes within 20-30 range, 20 is optimal. Iam starting to thinkt he f14 is feasible, maybe its just me that sucks, i just started playing again lol
  5. I've played more today. The one thing I notice is that almost all the readings in my radar come out as unknow. When I locked someone up it was friendly 80% of the time. Can I can't really control who I luck up. I also have no map so I gotta figure out where I gotta fly too if I need to fly back to friendly sam cover by using mostly compase/radio tower. Jester is limited. Maybe a human rio can TIFF better by using the DDD. Phoenixes can easily be defeated most of the time. When I jump in a F15 and SU27 things become 3 times easier, More arcady. I still love the plane and happy I got it. I also have little control over the radar settings. DDCS server doesnt let you jump on rio. Below i a screen shot of whatI mean its a small sample but notie how top killers are F15s and F18s
  6. I keep getting beaten by F18s and F15s left and right. (play mostly on modern DDCS server) And when I look at the score board all the F15s and F18s have the most kills while the F14 players barely have any. I thought it could be that the plane is new for some people but we are already getting past that stage. The only time I am ever decent in multiple player is when i am on the F15. What do you guys think? How does the F14 stand up to other fighters..?
  7. I am playing one of the missions and the wingman frequency is not listed... Iam guess its 251 am?? But even when I tune it to that it wont respond. I also cant find the menu path for jester. Ive search everywhere for the answer but for some reason there is no instruction anywhere in usign jester to tune n to wingman freq....
  8. I have a couple. On turning dog fights should wings be extended...? Saw a guy on youtube who had flaps on and wings extended in close dog fighting. Claimed it makes the aircraft turn better. I tried it I still got my ass kicked by AI 3rd gen aircraft... I also noticed there is the full flaps level and the partial flaps thumb thing? I guess the partial flaps is for take off and the full flaps is for landing...? Partial flaps for dogfighting? Iam havign a hard time dog fighting with the F14. Where as with the F18 its so much easier to handle and even use. I do like the aircraft but I do break it a lot and it handles like a bus. Where as the F18 seems more agile and nibble and the wings don't fall off. Yes I know its smaller/lighter. I guess Iam still getting use to the F14 but I do like it. Do any of you jump to the RIO instead of using Jester? I am wondering if there might be an advantage to jumping in both seats. This bird is complicated. Its like learning two birds.
  9. Unlike other aircraft the F14 doesn't show you speed altitude waypoint etc etc etc. And it doesn't put a diamond/circle when a air target is locked. Granted I've only flown it like 10 mins. But I wanted to know is this how the HUD will look like from now on...? Or will they add more things to the hud? I also wish they would put a non worn out version of the cockpit. I know this aircraft are older then most of us but it be nice to have a non weathered cockpit. EDIT I just noticed in other videos there is a lot of more info displayed on the HUB. But I still wanted to ask if the HUB is already finished or will they add more stuff?
  10. Hello, So I play dcs 2.5 open beta. I noticed that a lot of missions for Georgian war in targets are inside trees/Forrest. Sometimes I gotta fly around the same target like 3 times before I find a small opening where I can shoot. Or just blind shoot until i hti sometimes. I am wondering if this missions were design under 1.5 where there are less trees thus it wasn't a problem?
  11. I have both and I always go back to the A10C. Although I am still learning the Ka50 and F18. The A10C is a more complete module than the F18. As far as I know we're still missing the FLIR POD and Arrams and ground radar. It also feels like there is a lot more debt to the A10C cockpit. I feel like its more complicated which sorta adds to the fun.
  12. MY cluster bombs never seem to do good on targets that are located in a high altitude like in the moutains. Am I suppose to adjust anything for targets that are very high? For example target is at 12,000 MSL, I drop bombs at 20,000 yet they don't hit. Do I have to adjust anything? table top or readjust the altitude range. for targets? I tend to put 900ft for cluster bomb "opening".
  13. OK. I just bought the IR tracker and X52 pro but I am getting a lot of tension on my deltoid mucles. They tense up. The head tracker thing just made it worst. Does anyone know how to deal with this? I think i need to get some arm rest or something.
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