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  1. A textbook definition of "rivet counting"...
  2. I'm talking about Croatian war of independence, chill dude. One did go down and was written off, although official version is pilot error so no losses due to enemy action and no KIA (quite an accomplishment since pilots were trained during the war)
  3. Well, those were mostly D versions that served in Afghanistan, after operation Storm in 1995 they were decomissioned because they were really worn out, as for torpedoes, Mk44 is completely autonomous when it gets into water it performs the search within preset parameters so I guess they could work. Mi-24 were liked both by crews and the grunts. Mostly used unguided rockets and sometimes AT-6 for neutralizing fortified positions. They were definitely disliked by the enemy. None were shot down, several were damaged, one crewman injured (supposedly by 50cal round hit in the MG turret and fragment wound up in the cockpit, at least that's what I was told).
  4. Croatia 1995 military parade. Why they did it, beats me. Was it ever used in combat? Nope. Was it ever tested? No idea. TBH there were some propaganda fakes on that parade but 4 Mk4something torpedoes on Mi-24 looked legit https://images.app.goo.gl/1sX9BJyEeLKQh6cs7 IIRC, US Mk44
  5. Most unusual loadout I've seen on Mi-24 are 4 torpedoes
  6. I found this article which seems to be based on Soviet manual written after Israeli Syrian clash in 1982. Emphasis seems to be on F-15 and F-16 but they do mention F-4 as well https://www.xairforces.net/analyses/mig-23.html
  7. My bad, doesn't say that in the chart and anyway I don't thing for sparrows on the belly make that much difference.
  8. Perhaps I'm misreading the data (note this is ML, not MLD)? Seems pretty close to me in what is claimed by many to be the worst MiG-23 aspect (sustained turn), also note that F-4 chart seems to be clean F-4 while MiG-23ML chart is loaded with 2 R-23s (I'm guessing 7G is the structural limit with R-23s)
  9. IIRC USAF never had 2nd gen MiG-23 ML/MLA/MLD which improved greatly on the earlier model flaws in many respects (lighter about 1200kg, thrust increased by ~22%, better avionics, look down shoot down radar, IRST, higher allowed G load) and I expect MiG-23MLA to be at least on par with F-4E (in DCS) in terms of air-to-air engagements (except combat load of course). MiG-23MLD with further improved aerodynamics would probably outclass F-4E in most if not all aspects when it comes to air to air combat.
  10. Many things in DCS are simplified, like RCS and IR signature, but that's OK as long as the relative ratio between planes is OK, like Su-27/F-15 having large radar and IR signatures compared to smaller single engine fighters. Calculating RCS by counting frontal area projection is plain silly. Take a look at frontal area projection of F-22, should have huge radar return if you count the pixels . Gumi, did you get your ass kicked by someone in a Jeff? Just asking
  11. Deka probably has decided and are working on new module for some time already, but they won't go public with info. It is reasonable, I mean look at some dev studios which created tons of hype and then disappoint the fans. Deka doesn't need the publicity and do not want to be burdened with 1001 questions/demands/critics before they have the beta. Just like JF-17 came out of nowhere and became an instant hit, I hope the next module will be similar success story . Disclaimer: of course, this is just my speculation
  12. I have updated my Ka-50 MATRIC integration script, feel free to check it out. Blog post contains step by step instructions on how to get it working. I hope you'll find it useful:https://blog.matricapp.com/dcs-integration-ka-50-v2
  13. When you lack space and are on a tight budget it definitely stimulates resourcefulness . Here is how you can use an Android smartphone or tablet as fully integrated cockpit panel, export script and instructions are in the blog post. https://blog.matricapp.com/dcs-integration-ka-50-v2
  14. Deka has been on the forefront of simulation fidelity and quality in DCS. First to implement realistic IFF , targeting pod and now the radar, not to mention their first full fidelity was released almost 100% functional. Attention to detail like "Open the canopy first" or zeroize switch when repairing...and sense of humor makes them my favorite 3rd party. It would be great if higher fidelity radar model was a part of ED API so that all aircraft can benefit from it. ED is lagging behind in many aspects related to weapons/sensors. DCS is pretty good for procedural cockpit "switchology", weapons/sensors modelling is slooooowly improving but still lags behind the switchology (which seems to be the main focus.). Maybe Deka should license some things to ED
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