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  1. Difficult not to make the bank account suffer for VR in flightsim. I would have cared less about upgrading my present pc specs for dcs had I remained with 2d monitor play. Let hope the VR headset industry economic of scale thrives to make them affordable. It would really be great to have something like DLSS and FSR for VR so that we do not have to look for the top end hardware to really enjoy VR in flight Sims.
  2. It is always a happy moment to read comments like that of the opening post. It reminds of my first experience. VR is revolutionary in flightsim, the only way to do any Simulator game in my opinion. The only issue for me now is that having taken the pill of VR, I am constantly chasing the hardware or anything for that matter to make the experience better. News of new headsets, software mod, in-game settings, and news of Ed's Vulkan and multicore etc that would take the experience to another level up easily grabs my attention. Looking back from the early days of flight Sims, the era we are now is a great time with all the peripherals that is now available to us enjoy close-to-real simulation. VR is just phenomenal
  3. Yes. Already planned my Ah-64 Apache to check out those fjords and glacier flowing down those snow-dressed mountains. Taking a break from the constant brown colored terrain in Nevada, Persian and Syria maps. A taste of a different part of the world. And of course, in VR.
  4. Great. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Anyone checked after nvidia driver update to see if there is a difference in 3d effect? I would hate to not have that 3d effect boost when I reapply the settings after driver update.
  6. I feel you dude. The Apache is quite a handful in terms of controlling her. I just enjoy other aspect of the aircraft beside landing for now. Landing on a spot is big challenge for me. Not so with the KA-50. My major gripe is having to put all the way point, cm, and target point and skid out of control to crash. I have to start all over again. It makes me wonder if the SCAS system still need work. Auto rudder is listed as one of the features to come later in early access. I do not have any idea what this feature does but the name sound like something to help one with rudder control especially at those times when you increase collective. Right now anything to help fly this module on a more stable manner would be great.
  7. It quite a mystery and unfortunate that some do not see these changes. I really wish everyone get to see this refreshing VR experience. It is so good I do not fly to fight but fly to do sight-seeing. Flew a more than one hour mission last night in the Apache and did not fire a shot. Breathtaking depth on the Syria map terrain especially when you fly over highland and look down at the valley below . Might want to try again because it did not work for me on my first try. I meticulously followed the instructions on both the document and the video and baam!
  8. I have not tried turning it off. I think it permanently there now. I do have just two profiles, the global and digital combat -Black shark. Two of my flight sims (DCS and Msfs2020) has received the enhanced 3d effect using the 3d effect settings in vr. Other vr sims I want to try now is P3D, steam Eurotruck/American Truck, Asseto Corsa. I am doubtful I would see much in the ground sims because I have found that this 3d vr setting show tremendous depth in aerial views. Beside the 3d effect, clarity in cockpit seems to have gotten a touch in dcs. However there is strong inclination not to messed up things are they are now.
  9. Give it a go there. Pure satisfaction for me. The depth is amazingly deep if I can put it like that.
  10. I may have applied this 3d setting to my global profile. I launched msfs2020 (rarely fly) and did the Egypt pyramid tour flight, it was scaring to look down over those pyramid. I do not flying that Sim often but I am sure something changed. Looking down the mountains from above is so spectacular. Anyone tried it in that civilian Sim because it is different for me. The Sedona familiarization l training flight kind of convinced me about the change. That I have done before. The 3d world in that civilian Sim just blew me away especially from above.
  11. Yes. The coast line, the trees and the building just shines in 3d. Would you believe I love just flying that mission to go there and watch below me.
  12. Fellows , I made a move on Evga 3070 last week with price at $649.99 pre tax. Delivery was planned for next week. Saw the same gpu down a little more and cancelled the order. Decided to a give a few more weeks and hope some world trend would not turn things around. I could spend about the same amount ($699.99) for Asus barebone setup with the following list parts: ASUS TUF Gaming GT301 Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case - Black ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti V2 Mini LHR Overclocked Dual-Fan 8GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card ASUS TUF Gaming 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze ATX Non-Modular Power Supply ASUS B550-F ROG Strix Gaming AMD AM4 ATX. The above seems to provide a good upgrade path for a rx 5600x cpu from my present i5 7600k. This I reckon can keep going before the Nividia 4000 series and amd 7000 series launches(hoping one can get those when they come out)
  13. So you rolled back to steamvr. I was beginning to think the openXR app might have had an effect on this remarkable 3d effect profile. The openXR made a big difference for me in playability and stability and that is a keeper for me. The fact that you could replicate the 3d effect in steamvr and openXR gives much credence to this 3d effect.
  14. Me too. I do not think I want to by any chance alter what I getting with this settings in VR. It is like a breathe of fresh air into my VR experience. The way 3d object pops is fascinating. I appreciate the work on the Apache cockpit design by Ed the more. Navy asset are just pleasant to look at. Loaded one of the the KA-50 instant missions in Marianas map and the effect was glaring. Perception could be different from person to person but I can attest to the fact that I am seeing way different from before. I have next-to-nothing idea on how this was done but it sure look good. Hoping when I return to dcs the effect would still be there.
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