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  1. Post update: anyone else has a washed out barely visible MFD ?
  2. Can someone help me about how to turn off the radar (on\off) ?
  3. I do have the pod mounted. No idea how to turn on power for left cheek station.
  4. I'm making my first steps with the HARM Targeting System, and very excited about it. For some reason when moving to left MFD and switching to HAD, I get 'HAD off' on the screen and I have no idea why. Help
  5. You helped a lot ! Thanks
  6. Hey draconus, I've attached the requested log file. Best dcs.log
  7. Is the RAZBAM variant of the F-15E supposed to come with an AESA radar ? Or put it in a different way, what year model are we going to get ? I read that the Raytheon APG-82 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar was added to the F-15E program after 2007, as a part of an upgrade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_F-15E_Strike_Eagle#Upgrade_programs_and_replacement
  8. Now I notice that it only happens after I close DCS and reopen. The only way out of this is a restart (with the power button since every thing else is frozen).
  9. When launching the DCS client software it hangs about 50% of the times. It also freezes the system without any way to get out of it. I had this lockout a few times in the past hour. This appears to happen right before it launches the big screen. My system: 5950x Dark Hero 1080ti 32GB
  10. Or simply Copy/Paste a Lat/Long into the UFC
  11. Easy way = fast way, directly from the map.
  12. Is there an easy way to convert a map location into a waypoint ? Hopefully Viper and Hornet.
  13. I left DCS for a few months and now I'm back with a new system and my old settings are gone. Cloud backup is very handy feature.
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