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  1. TACAN ranging uses integration/reply timing to calculate distance. AFAIK it should be available on most TACAN equipped aircraft i.e. fighter to fighter. Generating TACAN "radials" requires a larger/heavier antenna array, AFAIK it is usually only available from ground stations and larger aircraft. AFAIK the missing DCS A/A TACAN ranging in the F1CE is a general bug effecting multiple (all ?) DCS modules and was introduced some time prior to 2.7 ?
  2. Although the ATHS map markers (#TP01, #TP02, etc.) transfer to the CAS Recall page with "RS+RA+8", they won't be listed on the kneeboard until assigned Target Points. Not sure if it's WIP or an intended behaviour but it is know by Razbam. Tested DCS Open Beta
  3. Once you've assigned Target Points T1, T2, etc. to the CAS list, you can switch to target points using WINC long to call up the ODU and enter a target point number. That'll switch the HSI page to listing T1, etc. designating the selected Target Point will give you guidance and distance to the designated target point. Similarly, once a target point is designated, the TPOD will slave to the designation. Tested DCS Open Beta
  4. It may "seem" an easy task but adding additional rocket pods is part of a larger rework merging multiple Gazelle versions to the "L" and allowing more flexible loadouts i.e. double rockets rather than Canon & rockets. WIP picture of one of the new gun pods Note: Everything is subject to change
  5. Not as such i.e. no fictional Hellfires, however AFAIK there are plans to add historical gun & rocket pods that have been equipped by other countries.
  6. Yes, marks are now labelled " #TPn " (with n being a number) and an initial dummy target point is no longer needed. The change was posted on the 2nd November
  7. AFAIK a few vehicles have more complex damage modelling but most use simpler modifiers base on angle. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/157596-ammo-and-vehicle-damage/?do=findComment&comment=3153333 More detail in this thread
  8. How old is the mission, the Rockets and Pod were updated a while ago i.e. to add different types, the missing support arm is a symptom of the loadout not being updated. Example An SA-342L in an unedited 1.5.7 mission (viewed in DCS Open Beta Same mission after updating the loadout/selected rockets in DCS Open Beta Detail Gazelle Change Log warning of the change https://forum.dcs.world/topic/214422-gazelle-2019-2020-2021-2022-updates/?do=findComment&comment=4975838
  9. Yes, the HSI shows deviation from the localiser (i.e. runway centerline) and the raw glide slope info can be read from the LH side of the ADI. Currently you have to set the runway's TRUE (not magnetic) heading on the HSI to get the correct localiser guidance. Once the FDS (Flight Director System) is implemented, the FDS will repeat this info in a clearer way using the ADI's vertical and horizontal steering bars.
  10. IIRC the MB-339 doesn't have an auto-pilot and the buttons are used to set the Flight Director's reference heading/altitude i.e. the flight director gives the pilot visual assistance to fly the correct heading/altitude. The MB-339's Flight Director isn't working in the current release but will be added later.
  11. Couldn't reproduce on Caucasus map, can you share a track/video ? Detail In testing I thought I saw similar behaviour (auto slave not ground stabilising) but it turned out it was due drift/input from my main joystick (as "use 2nd Joystick" had been disabled in special options - perhaps by the 2.8 update ?). Once my main stick was disabled (by selecting "use 2nd joystick") - slewing using the keyboard arrow keys was flawless. You might need to set up a small dead zone on the stick/axis used to slew the camera ? Tested in DCS Open Beta
  12. You should set 234 chaff and 64 flare (i.e. after rearming), as otherwise DCS may limit the number deployed in single player/multiplayer. The actual number of chaff/flare available/usable is determined by the type of ECLAIR pod fitted (if any).
  13. The usual location with all of Chuck's other guides
  14. A workaround is to have a bigger deadzone on the axis that doesn't "stick". Detail When there's a slew input on one of the axis (i.e. x-axis) the other axis won't slew (i.e. y-axis). Increasing the deadzone on the TDC axis that never sticks fixes this, however the IRMav seems to "jump" a little bit more (as if the deadzone isn't taken into account when actioning the slew). With the larger axis deadzone - switching to the keyboard, to slew the TDC, no longer requires TDC depress (action) before working after using analogue slews. I'm not sure of the exact logic of this because clearly the IRMav will slew diagonally (i.e. inputs on both axis) but it looks likes there's a check/other logic going on when there are objects the IR sensor can lock onto.
  15. Testing using a Xbox controller, I saw similar issues using TDC axis assignments, though the sticking axis was perhaps different to yours. I had no issues with the axis when slewing over the sea. Note that after using a TDC axis to slew the IRMAV, keyboard assignments for TDC slew (i.e. arrow keys Up, Down, Left and Right) didn't work until TDC Depress (action) was depressed and released. Tested using DCS Open Beta
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