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  1. +1 on removing fuel tank pylons.
  2. Nope, that dose work... I bet you are referring to this one.
  3. Are you referring the same behavior of the up/down/left/right "arrow" on keyboard like it dose in Huey? Mine don't seems to stay.... is it the recent patch or since the begining??
  4. As title state, is it possible to disable/remove the gorge AI text? He speak loud and clear so I don't need the text
  5. Proper curves would help a lot, if you have not yet tuning the curve, it's worth some time on it. I can do barrel roll and some nice stall turns like those seen in air show now.
  6. Just did a few quick flights, I found transition from forward flight is much much easier! Yes it's much more stable, zipping through trees/covers smooth as silk now. Thanks ED.
  7. This behavior seems introduced since the latest patch. In the initial release, it dose return to center and stay there after I told George to disengage. Not sure if there's additional steps to do this after the patch.
  8. At the initial early access launch, the TADS will point to the same direction of head tracker (center of the diamond symbol in IHADSS) after I told George to disengage. It won't track anything until I told George again to do so. But after the the recent patch, after George disengaged, it continue to track the point where head tracker(heli nose) "was" pointing to. In short, the TADS no longer stay "center" to the heli nose. Is there any steps I have missed since the latest patches to make the TADS centered??
  9. Make them a bit brighter in day light, yes. BUT plz don't add glow like the old models did The current external lights is realistic and look nice in the sim, just make them a bit brighter is good. Orzz
  10. So we have empty missile racks as option in loadout. Is there a way to mod the rocket pods so we can have a empty pods for aerobatic fun??
  11. Yep, the soft zone is for hover/takeoff in general. Have not tested in all conditions as I still tweaking the values. As I mentioned, the values above just for reference, everybody have different needs and different hardware, so one have to experiment to get their own sweetsopt.
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