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  1. J10-A Community Mod v.1.0.0 Download : https://github.com/whisky-actual/Community-J-10-A Download Paint kit : J-10A_Paintkit_v1.0.zip (you will need the Microsoft YaHei Font) Hi all, here is a nice side project that we have been working on. Ever since we saw this FC3 MOD pop up on YouTube we wanted to take it to the next level. With the permission of original author, @happy cavin, we took his work and adapted it for wonderful JF-17 made by Deka Ironwork Simulations. We are taking the "early access" route with this mod and sharing it as-is. Work will continue and your help will be appreciated if you have any modding experience. Contributing Developers Snowy Wolf, Yatsie, Whisky Actual Special Thanks Currenthill, Cdp Kobra, Freebird and the SU30 Team, Fatpsacepanda and JacobBadshot Features New exterior textures Updated animations Canards (in-flight) Leading edges Flaps New cockpit textures to match the J10A New Hud graphics to match what is seen in public videos New night lights mode for NVG based public pictures WIP mandarin cockpit (see options menu) FM modification using a special pod to have a different feel from the base JF-17 AAR refueling Authentic weapons loadouts with past, current and future weapons of the People's Liberation Army Air Force PL-8A PL-8B PL-10 PL-11 PL-12 PL-15 YJ-83K 250-3 YJ-91 JG500 JG500B Known Bugs Find the full list of bugs and enhancements at https://github.com/whisky-actual/Community-J-10-A/issues Installation The preferred method will be to use OVGME or any other mod management software. 1) Download the mod and extract it to your desktop. 2) Make backups of your CoreMods AND Mods folders in your main DCS install. 3) Drop the content of the CoreMods AND Mods in your main DCS install; override the files. 4) To remove the mod you will need to delete the CoreMods and Mods folders and replace them with your backups. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you need JF-17 to use the module? Yes. Q: Do we plan to make it a standalone? No. Q: Do we plan to have a B model or C models? Yes, possibly in the future. Q: Will the J10A mod pass IC? No.
  2. Всем привет, это тема, посвященная разработке мода Ка-52 для DCS. Присоединяйтесь в Дискорд, новые скриншоты разработки каждый день. Также требуется помощь в разработке мода. Канал Дискорд: https://discord.gg/BwGZE8VEQg --------- Hello everyone, this is a topic dedicated to the development of the Ka-52 mod for DCS. Join the Discord, new screenshots of the development every day. You also need help developing a mod. Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/BwGZE8VEQg
  3. I have received a few requests for my E-7a AEW&C mod, so here it is. However, as I might release more AEW&C or ISR mods in the future, I am making a single thread to capture all of the "magic collection" This post will be reserved for download links. E-7a DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.1.0317): E-7a Wedgetail (AI only) (digitalcombatsimulator.com) P-8 DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.1.0408 ) P-8 Poseidon (AI only) (digitalcombatsimulator.com) M28 Skytruck / MC-145 Coyote and Antonov An-28 DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.0.0813) M-28 Skytruck / MC-145 /An-28 (AI only) (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  4. Eurofighter Typhoon by Lechuzas Negras Dowload: Option 1 Option 2 Manual: Document YouTube Channel : Discord EvilASV # 8641 Start-up TUTORIAL: VIDEO This mod started development over two years ago as a personal project to join the DCS modding community. Its developers, as the name suggests, belong to the virtual squad Lechuzas Negras. We started with the VSN model and then added and improved it. We are currently working with Qbit Simulations on a spectacular new cockpit even more amazing than the current one, 100% true to the real one. And we'll keep working on the mod to fix bugs and add new content. Happy New Year 2022! Developers: Gonzalodesanta EvilASV Qbit Contributing Developers: We want to thank our mentor Hawkeye60, the entire Gripen Team for their immense help. Vinedog for all the support. Grinnelli for inspiration. Freebird on the coding information and Neoshot for help regarding textures. Testers: The entire squadron Lechuzas Negras (Chirri, Martin, Pablo, 2DKUN, Darcos_06 ...) Emiliano Growling Siderwinder LongShot Special thanks: We would like to thank D3W, especially Deliverator for supporting our project through the Airshow Mineralnye Vody 2021. Growling Siderwinder for being interested in our mod and supporting us by testing the plane and making videos of the mod. C.A.L.L. Campamento Aeronautico La Loma (Alberto, El Comandante) for so many years of passion for the air, to be the base of this and give us access to the air base of Albacete Los Llanos. Jaume and Alex, formal mechanic and pilot of the Spanish air force. LucasGitanoFamily for the main menu music. Ildsjel07 For the instant action missions. Features: Clickable cockpit Custom NAV HUD Startup procedure Shutdown procedure Custom external lights (different modes) Damage model Liveries for each nation that operates the aircraft Custom DASS (RWR) Custom HMD Custom Radar (not working yet) Rias Animations: Canards Flaperons Leading edges Air intake Canpy EJ-200 Wingflex Wing vapors Updated exterior model (currently using the VSN model as a base, we added more details) AAR refueling Real weapons loadout: A-A Weapons: Meteor Iris-T Aim-132 Aim-120 C-5 Aim-9M A-G Weapons: Bombs just CCIP and CCRP MODE: Mk-82 Snakeye Mk-82 Mk-82Y Mk-83 GBU-10 GBU-16 GBU-24 Paveway III GBU-31 GBU-38 Antiradiation missiles: AGM-88C ALARM Gun: BK-27 150 rds 27mm ammo PELE/PELE-T LITENING Smokewinder (all colors) Installation: Download the latest release at "link" Unzip the zip in C:\ Users \ username \ Saved Games \ DCS (el nombre de usuario variará en su máquina y DCS podría ser DCS beta) \ Mods \ Aircraft FAQ Preguntas frecuentes: Do I need FC3 to use the module? Yes we use SU33 avionics so only SU33 works. Is there any plan to make it independent? Yes, but without promise as we are still exploring the limits of development without the SDK.. Is there any plan for a two-seaters version? Surprise. Pass the IC? Yes. Known issues: [Incompatibility with the JAS39 MOD] Terrain units and ships will disappear. Changelog: v1.0.1 [Add] New instant action missions. v1.0.2 [Removed] Mach cone for better fps performance. [Fix] Gear animation. v1.0.3 [Fix] FM -> Engines performance. v1.0.4 [Fix] FM v1.0.5 [New] FM engines and SFM data more realistic Top supercruise (no afterburner) speed at FL400 (standar cruise altitude): Mach 1.3 Less "Over G" sound Max Speed at sea level: Mach 1.33 Max Speed at FL400 (standar cruise altitude) : Mach 2.21 T/W greater than 1 with light loads T/W less than 1 with heavy loads Optimum turn ratio speed: 220-300 Kts ROADMAP: (NO PROMISES) WIP: Add A/P and it's cockpit buttons Fix custom RWR New 3D cockpit and textures Two seater 3D model Add disorientation recovery button A-G version with guieded weapons Break axis Nose wheel animation MAYBE: New Working in a EFM Add Mach cone Add Interior lights Add operational custom radar Add new A-G weapons Fly by wire Fuel page HSI Independent HMD Thanks for all the support, see you in the sky!
  5. Hi all, I want to share this mod I have created during christmas hollidays. Mission Enhancer Package (M.E.P) allows you to enhance an existing mission giving you the hability to request support assets in a inmersive way during the mission. You can request SEAD missions, Buddy lase, Recon target area, etc easily through the F10 radio menu. it is very easy to install in any created mission and give you better inmersion in the game. find here how to use it ..And find here how to install it Find the mod here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320007/ Enjoy!!!!
  6. JAS 39C Gripen Community Mod v.1.8.0 Download : https://github.com/whisky-actual/Community-JAS-39-C Discord Channel YouTube Channel We are a small group of enthusiastic players that wanted to have a JAS-39 Gripen in DCS. We started from the VSN model and have then added and improved on it. The team is adding a cockpit, authentic and unique weapons, making modifications to the SFM (based on Gripen pilot feedback) and we are planning for much more in the future. The project started in February 2021, and in a very short amount of time, we achieved a basic FC3 module, join us on Discord and find out more! We would like to thank the Community A-4E-C team for sharing some code, Grinnelli for his help with the brakes axis, Freebird and Gonzalodesanta for thier support, Megalax, Isak and 313_Paegas for their textures, Krieger for sharing is assets, VSN Team for sharing their model with us, the DCS modding community for ideas and tips and Eagle Dynamics for this wonderful sandbox.. Contributing Developers Breadmaker91, Currenthill, FatSpacePanda, FrM|Shaft, Glaucus, Gripen Viking, Kreazle, MangoTango, Roughmaster, Whisky Actual Past Developers Double Tap, Vinedog, Wolfthrower Liveries 313_Paegas, 59th_Jack, Isak Khysing, Megalax Admins Cortexus, Ulv Testers CJordense, Cortexus, DJTaz1975, Norman, Simba11 Special Thanks Bimbac, Fox, Fox2 Productions, Freebird, Gonzalodesanta, Grinnelli, Growling Sidewinder, Krieger, Lanky, Luiz Renault, Neon, PORS, Jerec, Ulvar40, VSN Team (Cdpkobra and Razor+) What's new in version 1.8 For a complete list of changes - check out the change log file included in the package. Added: Clickable cockpit Custom HUD Clickable left display Clickable center display Startup procedure Custom canopy and APU sounds Custom external lights Autothrottle with AoA 12 and AoA 14 landing modes Kneeboard flight checklists Kneeboard weapons deployment overviews Damage model with bullet holes External model cockpit lights for MFDs, flood and HUD Tire overspeed damage Bare metal livery Air launched cruise missile Taurus KEPD 350 Anti radiation missile SPEAR-3 with triple launcher Anti radiation decoy SPEAR-EW with triple launcher Terrain following and pop-up for Storm Shadow Dynamic launch zones for multiple weapons Changed: Higher quality cockpit textures More realistic flight control surfaces Higher quality liveries More realistic nose wheel and rudder turning Higher quality pilot head and helmet DWS 39 is now guided RBS-15 AI with added sea skimming and pop-up features Fixed: RBS-15 blowing up after release Guided A/G weapons that wouldn't release from rack Features New high detailed exterior textures Liveries for each nation that operates the JAS-39 New template to create your liveries Updated animations Canards (in-flight and aerobraking on landings) Leading edges Flaps Updated exterior model (currently using the VSN model as a base, but with adjusted geometries that align with the real plane) New Gripen cockpit (clickable in the future) AAR refueling Roads bases Multiple practice missions Authentic weapons loadout: Known Bugs Find the full list of bugs and enhancements at https://github.com/whisky-actual/Community-JAS-39-C/issues or in our Discord under #bug-reporting Installation Drop the content of the zip file under C:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS\ Installation Download the latest release at https://github.com/whisky-actual/Community-JAS-39-C/releases select assets -> Source code (zip) Open the zip and go inside the first folder that will have the release name Select the Mods folder and drop it under C:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS (username will vary on your machine and DCS could be DCS beta) Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you need FC3 to use the module? Yes for the AA variant (F15) (not free) No for the AG variant since it uses the SU25T avionics (free) Q: Do we plan to make it a standalone? Yes, but no promises since we are still exploring the limits of development without the SDK. Q: Do we need a test pilot? Not currently, I will post here and in the discord closer to release. Q: Do we plan to have a D model (two-seaters)? Yes, but no plans for the 2nd seat to be active. Q: Do you have a release date yet? 6/6/2021. Q: Will the JAS39 mod pass IC? Yes, but a public server will need to have the same version for it to work properly.
  7. Project Lancaster for DCS We plan to bring the Avro Lancaster to DCS, Beginning with the Mk1 and hopefully covering other variants including the special variants responsible for the Dam-busters raids on the the dams in the Ruhr Valley. We dont want to state any time window for release as the mod is still far off and we want to get it right without having to skip steps to meet a set date Progress Checklist: Bomb Aimer's Station: 80% Pilot's Station: 80% Flight Engineer's Station: 95% Navigator's Station: 70% Radio Operator's Station: Donated 3d scan by Callsign_Merlin, Due to be re-modelled Mid Upper Gunner's Station: Not Started Tail Gunner's Station: Not Started About the Mod: We plan on having a full multicrew aircraft capable of fitting a full 7 man crew. We are currently on a basic EFM with multicrew but we are lacking engine modelling and the coding around the systems not needed for flight. Discord: We are more active on discord and are about to answer your questions, You can find us at this link here: https://discord.gg/PD29TWXBKx How you can help We are looking for any help we can! With this being a community mod, we are looking for help from the community, weather this be directly helping out with the coding and modelling or just spreading the word, we need your help. If you do have something to assist us with the then the discord is the way to do it, We appreciated any reference images and all of the support we receive from the community and we are looking for people with experience in coding LUA or C based languages to help out with the coding of the mod! Feel free to contact me on discord at the tag Scooby#2794 Media Virtual Air Festivals vBBMF display for Remembrance day 2021 (21 mins) https://youtu.be/PJ7S8jaWXss Radio Operators Station PA474 Leader TW900 EM-F Feel free to ask questions below as I'm not really sure how to use the forums -Scooby and the Lancaster team. Edit: Updated progress percentages
  8. Hi. I use English version of DCS World: Black Shark 2. Naturally the texts in my cockpit are all in English. And you know that some characters on HUD, Shkval and PUI-800 was in Russian. Tonight I've decided to convert them to Latin characters. And now it's fully English version for me. (And I have no idea what I've done, or is that good or bad thing, I don't know...) This is the list of translations: HUD: Auto-Tracking: ТА to AT Memory Mode: П to M Laser Range-Finder Active: ИД to LA Beam-Riding Laser Channel Active: ИУ to LC Pause: ПАУЗА to PAUSE R-ALT Symbol: Р to R INU Normal Warm-up: ИКВ НВ to INUNW Processing Target Point: ОТ to PT Updating Coordinates: КОРР to COOR Launch Authorized (Shoot): С to S Training Mode: ТРЕНАЖ to TRAINING Ground Collision: H to G SHKVAL: TG Symbol (Ground stabilized): ТГ to ST TA Symbol (Auto-Tracking): ТA to AT P Symbol (Memory mode): П to M C Symbol (Launch Authorized): С to S Ground Collision: H to G PUI-800 Rockets: НР to RK Anti-tank Missiles: ПС to AT Bombs: 6Б to BB Gun Pod: ПП to CP But, one or more letters are disputable and changeable. *** By the way; While doing this work I've noticed that ED has cancelled indicator of laser temperature, located on HUD. I've enabled this part and seen the laser temperature on HUD. Is that 370°C??? At ~390°C, laser was paused and being cooled. Nice... In mod file, this code is enabled. And a sample video (Duration 4:49) EDIT: And, the last thing is that I've edited, changed and justified the EKRAN_localizer.lua file. I'm pleased if you give attention for Ekran in game. If you don't like it, you may find original files in mod. *** Well... What do you think?... DOWNLOAD: Devrim_DCSWBS2_EnglishHUDShkvalPUI-800_v1.7b.zip Updated: 08/2020
  9. Hi to all Pilots, hope you are all doing well and having a great day! My new project is to install a steering damper to the VIRPIL WarBRD Rudder Pedals. I have seen a video somewhere here or on YouTube featuring a Ka-50 cockpit walk through but can't find it anymore. It showed in detail on how the rudders work. If someone has seen this video as well, please add a link. I also have looked at a MI-8 heli with a similar system and wonder if this system carries over to other models. How it worked was: If the Pilot pushes a button on the left side middle panel the rudders a dampened, pushed again the rudders are free (non-resistive) in movement and I want to duplicate that. In my new project I started out by making a damper mount to attach to my WarBRD rudders for use on my T-Slot profiles. I am currently trying to work out on how to achieve the button actuated system as I saw in this video. I have some ideas but if you have some input on that I would appreciate you comment. I had a lot of fun building this within the last two weeks. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
  10. I present a mod to improve the rain inside the cockpit, surely I will be able to improve it, as a clarification there are 2 files requesting the VR or Monitor system, since both (I do not know if it is a problem or if it really works like that) renders differently . In VR the dynamic drops are not present hopefully ED take note and improve this problem. Don't get me to manage to make it look its best. I upload videos without / with the mod in VR and without / with the mod in Monitor. UPDATE 2.7 All Aircraft Pass the IC Check INSTALL: Extract to main DCS install path. JSGME or OvGME or other Mod Managers recommended. DEFAULT VAINILLA MOD BEST RAIN COCKPIT VR UPDATE 2.7 DEFAULT VAINILLA RAIN MONITOR MOD BEST RAIN COCKPIT MONITOR UPDATE 2.7 With 2.7 have partially lost, for Monitor, part of the best rain effect, (I hope ED solves bad blur effect of the raindrops), the effect of accumulation of raindrops still follows, better than the default rain. In VR the effect continues better as the previous version. Update latest version DCS FIX BRIGHTER FIX SHINE RAIN MOD BEST FOR MONITOR https://www.mediafire.com/file/zbyd1i2h1mgxn2e/Pastrana_rainmod_MONITOR_V2-7-15-26873.rar/file MOD BEST FOR REALIDAD VIRTUAL https://www.mediafire.com/file/bdfmfx2npfyurbj/Pastrana_rainmod_VR_V2-7-15-26873.rar/file MOD 0.1 BEST VR RAIN COCKPIT UPDATE 2.7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/139fOqZjt9Spl8gNEbtDsn2yrRZEW0Qh_/view?usp=sharing MOD 0.1 BEST MONITOR RAIN COCKPIT UPDATE 2.7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GpqWgPjMLTibDhc-oJDmlh0tiOxvLIO5/view?usp=sharing MOD 0.1 BEST VR RAIN COCKPIT FOR DCS VERSION 2.5.XXX https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E01iKmSlgXt2NKahZ1yiYugRFzjSZI6-/view?usp=sharing MOD 0.1 BEST MONITOR RAIN COCKPIT FOR DCS VERSION 2.5.XXX https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sYFH5wfQgz4MPoFpwxXkImxwL8EreJGV/view?usp=sharing
  11. CGTC (v2.7) for DCS 2.7 and 2.5 Caucasus Ground Textures Compilation Now presenting version 2.7 of CGTC. This is a ground textures modification for the Caucasus map of DCS WORLD, inspired and with a few edited materials from an older DCS 1.5 mod, called PMTC. Please note that it is not a compilation per se, but more of a "homage" to that PMTC mod, hence the name "Compilation". It is an alternative set with extensively overhauled ground textures and natural tones. • This mod was tested and made compatible with DCS WORLD, its newest 2.7 versions and also its older 2.5 versions (be it Open Beta or Stable releases). • All of the texture replacements have similar format and size as DCS' defaults, so performance is identical (both HIGH and LOW resolution packages are included). • With no other mod dependencies - install over vanilla (default) Caucasus map of DCS, and off you go. • As usual with this type of mod, it can only work in Multiplayer if on servers with "Pure Textures" disabled (in the integrity check). CGTC v2.7 download link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321589/ I've prepared a detailed "READ ME" document in .PDF format (also available HERE). Please take a moment to read it, as it should clear most common doubts. It countains all the necessary info (description, installation notes, credits/thanks, etc). To showcase CGTC v2.7, here are a few mandatory screenshots throughout the four seasons: SPRING... SUMMER... AUTUMN... WINTER...
  12. I decided to make a retexture of the F-15C with Latvian air force markings. I am sorry if seems low quality, this is my first retexture. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ntr2M6ygzKwP0nmBqmopaPbw9YvQytaj?usp=sharing Installation: Download and extract the folder and place it in the C:\Users\(user_name)\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-15C
  13. First of all, sorry for the translation, my main language is not English. Some time ago I realized that I was losing the "3d depth" that I had when I started with VR, I thought that maybe it was the number of years that I have been with it that my eyes got used to it, presenting itself before my eyes with a 3d with little depth. I have been researching and found information that gave me back what my eyes perceived at first, a deep 3d. Again I have that feeling of distance, relief in things, mainly short and long distance, trees, mountains look deep as it should be in a real 3d view. I really recommend that you try and tell me what you think. It is not risky, you can return the configuration as it was before. I really recommend them, video board nvidia. In the video I'm creating a new profile, you can do it over the default profile (_global_driver_profile) this way it's left by default and you don't have to load the new profile with every reboot. And as always you can return to the default settings just by pressing the corresponding button. I have realized that there is already a profile with these modifications, you only have to select the "VRdirectx" option in the "profiles" tab. A good clarification that this is not a mod, therefore it does not modify anything of DCS, it is more it improves the 3d vr in general, tested with a better depth also in Il2, ACC and AMS2 You must first download the Nvidia Inspector app https://github.com/Orbmu2k/nvidiaProfileInspector/releases Instructions in video Easy method, with built-in profile
  14. I'm in my 70's and losing cognitive abilities. So, I am not very good at making Mods or Scripting. I am making a few requests: First: I would like to see a Mod for Airport Beacon Lights. Something built high up and that can be seen for many miles. Having it work like a real airport Beacon? I am requesting more sound Mods for generic use. OGG files for Airfield/Airport intercoms. Just some generic stuff. Also, something that can be used on Aircraft Carriers, other ships, or even enemy bases. More ambient radio transmissions. I have downloaded some from the DCS files and I love them. Please, someone make and provide more. How about some civilian broadcasts that can be picked up on the radios? Create them in OGG files please. If I can think of any others, I'll add to this list. If anyone has any other ideas or comments, Post below.
  15. Update 24.05.2020: New Download Links in this Post Update 05.05.2020: Download Depth Of Field 2.0 OvGME Ready - Thanks Morpheus. Update 05.08.2020: Download Heatair V2.0 OvGME Ready Update 05.11.2020: Download MotionBlur V2.0 OvGME Ready Scientific article about Boke from Zeiss [GER] Hello pilots and modders, as an owner of a film company, a problem jumped right into my eye at DCS. For some reason (the reason is: ED uses Focal Length as well as Focal Distance and Distance for calculation. That is correct. But in DCS the zoom is not controlled by the focal length, but by the zoom - equivalent to a digital zoom. But this is not considered in the formula. Would be correct in reality, but nobody zooms this far lossless digitally and let's be honest - it doesn't look cool! And they missed the distance from the Camera to the Object to be noticed) the depth of field is not really calculated correctly. As you can see in the following picture, the background gets blurred the more you increase the focal length or simply zoom in. This is true for the same aperture, of course. But currently it looks like this in DCS. (v2.5.5) Wide Normal Tele Furthermore, the further you are away from the object, the less blurred the background becomes. At this point I am really a filmmaker and not a mathematician or full-time programmer. However, with my rudimentary knowledge and a lot of time of reverse code reading I have been working on the DOF.fx. You can find it here: *DCS Installation Path*\Bazar\shaders\PostEffects\DOF.fx The formula used here is obviously correct focalWidth * abs(focalDistance-dist)/dist but various parameters seem to be identical all the time especially the focalDistance and focalWidth where the latter should be called focalLength. Therefore the maximum blur does not change when zooming, nor when changing the distance to the object. Even worse. It has the effect that the image becomes sharper when zooming in. Simply because you have more image and details at the same bokeh. First of all I tried to transfer the real values from the camera into the formula. For this purpose I read out the zoom, the target point of the camera as well as the camera position, because these values seem to remain always the same in the current DOF.fx of DCS. Strangely enough I had to leave the value focalDistance in the formula anyway. So my calculation is still far away from perfection. Unfortunately, without debugging I don't know what values and value ranges DCS spits out here. So I had to test a lot with try and error. I have edited the following lines and tried to correct the incorrect calculation. At the beginning #include "../common/samplers11.hlsl" #include "../common/states11.hlsl" #include "common/context.hlsl" //added to get access to some camera values out of the game then the function of getBlurFactor float getBlurFactor(float dist) { //get game camera values float near = gNearFarFovZoom.x; //get nearest point rendered float far = gNearFarFovZoom.y; //get farest point rendered float zoom = gNearFarFovZoom.w; //get fov value of the camera float3 camOrigin = gOrigin; //get camera origin float3 camPosition = gCameraPos; //get camera pos //calculations float focalLength = 1/zoom; //it looks like the zoom is defined from 0.0 - 1.0 where 0 is the largest zoom - with more zoom you get more bokeh - simply inverted that thing and called it like what it is in our context float clipminmax = far-near; //calc the distance between clipping - that is normaly the range where the depth map is calculated and I think the dist value is something between 0.0-1.0 float3 d = camOrigin-camPosition; //calc absolut values of x,y,z - distance float cameraDistance = sqrt((d.x * d.x)+(d.y * d.y)+(d.z * d.z)); //calc absolut direct distance aka focalDistance (Pythagorean theorem) cameraDistance = 1/clipminmax*cameraDistance; //remap the distance to something like 0.0-1.0 float aperture = 2.8;//the standard blur looks like aperture 1 - this multiplier reduces the heavy blur (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aperture) aperture = aperture*aperture; //calc the size of the bokeh with this aperture. The aperture² gives you the ammount of reducing light. Also its the ammount the bokeh decreases. For example 1 = 1. Maximum Bokeh. At Aperture 1.4 you have the half ammount of light and the half size of bokeh. //output return focalLength * abs(cameraDistance + focalDistance - dist)/dist/aperture; //default -> focalWidth * abs(focalDistance-dist)/dist; | I cannot delete focalDistance, then you see extreme blur. In theory that means that my calculation of cameraDistance is wrong. I'm pretty sure it is, but hey at this moment it works. } float getRadius(float2 uv) { #ifdef MSAA float depth = DepthMap.Load(uint2(uv*dims), 0).r; #else float depth = DepthMap.Load(uint3(uv*dims, 0)).r; #endif float4 p = mul(float4(uv*2-1, depth, 1), invProj); float f = getBlurFactor(p.z/p.w); return pow(f, 1.5); //does the boke effect really grow exponentially with distance? - but this does enlarge the area where it is sharp. Default 1.5. } and then something for the performance here #define GOLDEN_ANGLE 2.39996323 #define NUMBER 150.0 #define ITERATIONS_STEP 8 //increasing this value means more fps because of less calculations. But also the look is different. Less iterations creates smaller bokeh. There is something in the loop down. Maybe in it could prevent. #define ITERATIONS (GOLDEN_ANGLE * NUMBER) // This creates the 2D offset for the next point. // (r-1.0) is the equivalent to sqrt(0, 1, 2, 3...) float2 Sample(in float theta, inout float r) { r += 1.0 / r; return (r-1.0) * float2(cos(theta), sin(theta)) * .06; } float3 Bokeh(Texture2D tex, float2 uv, float radius, float amount) { float3 acc = float3(0,0,0); float3 div = float3(0,0,0); float2 pixel = float2(aspect, 1.0) * radius * .025; float r = 1.0; for (float j = 0.0; j < ITERATIONS; j += ITERATIONS_STEP) { //using here ITERATIONS_STEP instead of GOLDEN_ANGLE float2 s = Sample(j, r); float2 tuv = uv + pixel * s; // rebuild tuv float nr = min(getRadius(tuv), radius); tuv = uv + pixel * s * (nr/radius); float3 col = tex.Sample(ClampLinearSampler, tuv).rgb; float3 bokeh = float3(5.0, 5.0, 5.0) + pow(col, 9.0) * amount; acc += col * bokeh; div += bokeh; } return acc / div; } The code can be optimized for all cases, but is easier to understand at this stage! This is how it looks like after my tuning. Wide Normal Tele and... Wide Normal Tele I would be glad about feedback and further developments to make DCS even more beautiful. Best greetings from Germany!
  16. Hello! I modified my MiG-21 module in `DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Input\MiG-21\joystick\default.lua` with few lines to extend the possibilities with two and three stage switches. The extension is working, but i wanted to put the configuration in my `Saved Games` folder to avoid the problems with the next update. I created the same path, but its seems not working. Have a working solution for this problem? Regards! Apoth
  17. Hi all. I am attempting to install the SuperBug v1.6 mod to my Steam Edition of DCS world and am unable to see the them. I followed all the instructions I could find on forums and youtube but the Superbug mod doesn't seem to work. I created the "mods" and "coremods" folders in the user>saved games>DCS folder and dropped the appropriate files in there, but they do not show up in DCS. I know I am doing something correctly because the Super Hornet Tanker Mod is showing up and I can fly that, just not the E,F, and G Super Bugs in the other mod. Is there something I am doing wrong that you all figured out? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  18. I'm almost finished with a massive undertaking of a fully fledged ID4 (independence day) experience, but have this simple little hickup, that I can't figure out. I'm amazed how far I've gotten with this mod (though with many sleepless nights, forgotten meals and severe sanity loss as a price), only to get this little detail in the way. I've managed to get the animation with their respective arg's (each within 100 frames) to work in the model viewer as seen in the added images. Tried getting the arg's to play via ME, but I keep getting a static version (as show in the "in game" image), stuck in 0 for each arg-nr. The link to my google drive folder contains videoclips (also contains the images in the post in original quality): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rZrrC487FlppDiahGMyItWEspzyQL_AM?usp=sharing In the clips, you can see how I want the result to play out in game, so in addition to get the animation to work in game at all, I need to know how to apply different durations from -1 to 1 for each arg. Originally I had two additional args, one that also moved the entire ship from point A to point B and a second that kept the ship rotating (which you can see in the clip with rotation) throughout it all. Ideally, I'd like to go back to using those args as well. The idea is to make the entire animation play once from start to finish throughout a mission (30 minutes) that this animation is intended for. The ship moving from point A to point B for 28 minutes, followed by the ship opening and firing its primary weapon for 1 min and 30 seconds (leaving it at the last frame those last 30 seconds) while having the ship rotate the entire 30 minutes. If the engine is somehow too restricted for such grand ideas, my backup plan is to settle with only animating the primary weapon by itself (as shown in the clip without rotation) those last two minutes of the mission. (as shown in the clip without rotation). Please can someone help me with this? If you need more info than what I already added, ask away. Best of regards, Jahn
  19. Ne parlano tutti un gran bene come uno dei migliori MOD in circolazione. Notoriamente i MOD degli elicotteri sono sempre stati promettenti ma hanno portato un sacco di problemi (CH-53 e CH-47) ma pare che questo non ne presenti e anzi sia quasi a livello dei MOD TOP ad ala fissa (A-4, T-45 e F-22). Con l'arrivo dell'Apache manca solo il Kiowa di Polychop per poter ripercorrere le mitiche missioni di Longbow II
  20. Hi all, I share with you my afterburner detent approach for the TWCS that is based on a mechanical parts instead of magnets. There is a lever that must be lift up to allow the throttle continues its movement. Here you are the link to thingverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4925168 The video shows how it acts.
  21. The default cockpit livery will always be displayed, instead of any user made one that you select. I can load my livery just fine when using the model viewer, but can't do it in-game. -> The livery is selected via the game menu (options->special->F-16C->customized Cockpit).
  22. i made a mig 28 mod for the F-5 a while back and decided to remaster it and rerelease it you can find it at this link https://www.dcshangar.com/en/packages/a_07mpXcS.pIozsXoyl its complete but i may add the MiG-29 and 21's fuel tanks i just need to test if they work
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