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  1. Great work on pulling this all together. I know that warehousing was a big frustration on Storm of War and just one of the issues that led us to close the server down. Having the ability to interact with them as suggested would be a great addition. I'd also like to suggest that the documentation from ED in all regards could be much improved. While there is some information available, any detailed stuff is generally third party and there are rarely any changes noted in the change logs relevant to the scripting environment. I've found it very frustrating to try to get scripts functioning to only later find an old thread several years old, unanswered and ignored, highlighting a particular bug. Putting some more resources into this would not only support the existing content creators with better bug fixing but also make it more likely that more creators will persist to create more and more scripts, that in turn expand what is possible for DCS. I hope we'll see something positive come from this initiative.
  2. +1 for this. It would be a great feature to expand mission builders opportunities to make the most of our maps.
  3. It would be nice to be able to see both the magnetic heading and the true heading (or would grid heading not be more accurate for DCS?), and/or the magnetic variation. The same would apply to the F10 map. Personally I don't mind if it is a switched option (like the different options in the coordinate system), or am option to display both headings at once.
  4. This seems like a bad idea to me. EVERY time someone connected to the server they would have to download however many liveries there were during the mission load screen. trk files would become bloated. You've already stated how what you want can be achieved - people have to download and install the custom skins. Have a skins pack that people download THE ONE time and install and then don't allow people to change the skins. If they don't want to do that, they see the default skins. If it's only for one or two skins, this is hardly an issue, and if it's for many skins, then do you really want those to be downloaded EVERY TIME someone connects to one of your missions? If ED did want to do this, it would be helpful to have some form of indication on the multiplayer server screen that custom skins were involved (and the size of those files), so those servers producing particularly large trk files and slow load times could be avoided. P.S. This is the Mission Editor Bugs subforum.
  5. My bad then. Sorry, I misunderstood your link in the previuos post. We’ve many more years to wait for any fix then.
  6. Approaching 10 years for an update then. It must be just round the corner.
  7. This was just one of the issues that badly impacted Storm of War last year, and ultimately led to the team bringing the server to a close. Has there been any progress on this, or will new weapon types with the new modules releasing this year just cause a recurrence?
  8. ATP-56(a) is a useful NATO joint document that covers Air to Air Refuelling. There is a Nov 2000 version readily accessible through a google search. A more modern version (2013) can be found by searching for ATP- as the NATO doctrine people changed the way pubs were numbered. You could probably find an even later version if you look for it. The Annexes in Part 2 Chapter 10 (or Chapter 5 in the later version) spell out the capabilities of the different tankers. Some do have bearing capability (and a subset of those reference depending on receivers capability), but the vast majority do not. My experience was through the '90s and I never received a bearing from a tanker through A-A Tacan, even from those types listed on those annexes as having the capability. That may have changed since my time.
  9. I never followed why DCS had the A-A TACAN functioning the way it did. IRL I NEVER had bearing information using the TACAN in A-A mode between any A-A platforms (other fighters or tankers), just range against another platform on the same X or Y and separated by 63 channels from my own. The TACAN plan generally allowed you to have a setup for a 4 ship (2xpairs) to range within each pair and between the two pairs by switching X to Y. For example, 29X, 92Y, 92X, 29Y for numbers 1,2,3,4 in a formation would give everyone the range between pairs (useful on a contra rotating CAP) but by switching your X to Y or vice versa you could range within your own pair quickly.
  10. Plus one to this request. Has this been seen by the devs since the original post? Any chance of progess on it?
  11. This does need to be carefully considered and supported by ED. I know the server I frequent most uses LotATC and others use other third party applications like OverLord Bot. It would be a big ask to server owners to stop using those addons to use a less capable client than is already well used and already understood by the player base. I'd love to be able to use integrated comms in DCS, but not at the expense of these other capabilities. I've not seen any large MP servers using the built in comms before this coming patch, and I'm not sure that should change unless supporting things like LotATC or Overlord Bot will be supported pretty quickly.
  12. You're missing out on the best WW2 MP experience available in DCS but that's your choice. MW50 is available on later missions in the campaign, but at airfields a little further away from the action. Even without MW50 the Kurfurst is very competitive, as is every other aircraft that is available if you play to it's strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the opposition. The server gets upwards of 1000 unique players a month and is often full at peak hours so it's doing just fine at the moment without your custom. If you did want to try the server out I'd recommend looking through the Storm of War website and joining the Discord where you'd be made to feel welcome. Otherwise, the other WW2 servers could always use the support. Growling Sidewinders runs on the channel map, and there the Clash of Wings server that is more newbie focused and offers dot labels, no need for the assets pack and runs on Caucasus.
  13. It would be great to see continued improvement on the flak across the board, including this request. It makes such a huge difference to both SP missions and campaigns, and multiplayer, in getting a believable WW2 environment.
  14. Is there any update on whether the original request in this post gained any traction at all with Ugra? Is there any hope for either the requested field, or other fields on the Normandy map?
  15. I agree with the OP's remarks. It would be good to have more control over the winds. Having suggested wind figures/directions that tied in to the overall weather setting (to cater for say inversions...) would be great, but give the mission designer the option to make changes. For the poster adding links to weather manuals, I spent my career as a military fast jet pilot and have been taught and read enough about it. Could it also be clarified what the ft settings in the windows are? Are they altitude, or height? On the assumption that the wind model is fairly simple they could be altitude, which means that any airfields above sea level could be facing significantly stronger surface winds than set on the 33ft window. For example, some of the southern airfields on Normandy map are 500ft+ above sea level, which could mean a surface wind of around 30kts with the settings above. If the lowered windowed settings are heights, what happens when airfields are significantly above sea level, as occurs on other maps - will there be a negative wind gradient. or a sudden change in wind velocity (in effect some form of shear)? Does the wind direction for the 1600ft window take account of the airfield latitude and the time of day?
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