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  1. sohei

    2.7 VR issues

    Had a few CTDs immediately after updating to 2.7 but a reboot seems to have fixed that problem. Ran a few a10c and f14 missions without issue for an hour.
  2. I'm just posting here to add my voice to the frustration at the state of ILS right now. I work in the world of software so I do understand how complex and time-consuming the bug fixing process can be. But this is a product which has been released for many years now and for a study sim to have broken ILS is just ridiculous. It's like having an undercarriage which will only extend at certain airfields. I realize my input won't make any difference but I just wanted to vent as this is really spoiling my experience of operating an otherwise fantastic aircraft. And yes I realize it's not the aircraft that's broken.
  3. Another 16gb RAM would help but otherwise you're good to go.
  4. Yeah I'm very happy with performance, also using a 1080ti. I've updated Windows to ver 1903 and that's improved stability quite a lot as well. I can now run it for hours without issue.
  5. Thanks. That's a good suggestion. I'll get some fluorescent tape and put it in various strategic locations, see how that works.
  6. Perhaps just check with the vendor to be certain. The company I ordered from confirmed it was the V2 model.
  7. Quick change of topic : Can anyone recommend a product to improve the tracking of the Reverb? Do I need something specific like the lightboxes or will a couple of IR LEDs suffice? What about placement and quantity? I want to prevent the instances where the headset occasionally loses its full 6 DOF tracking, even when the room is well lit.
  8. I do hear the controllers turn off but I don't recall losing control of dcs. But you can run dcs without the controllers started so there will be no disconnection.
  9. That will be some other app putting dcs in the background. Next time try alt-tabbing back into dcs. If that's the case then you can work out which app is causing you a problem and change its settings. iirc there are some options in wmr and steamvr to prevent things popping up and spoiling your experience.
  10. I had that on my original reverb. Haven't seen it on the replacement yet. Yet. So far the only problem I have had was yesterday evening the the display on the headset didn't start up until I rebooted the pc
  11. How does that work? I'm struggling to find anything related to it.
  12. Does anyone know if it's possible to look through the cameras on the reverb?
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