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  1. TrueGrit wishes all of you a very happy holiday and a happy new year! I hope you enjoy the latest updates from the interior! Stay tuned, next updates will follow in the new year
  2. Happy Sunday guys! I not only have a great picture from last weeks session, but also a link to a podcast with TrueGrit's founder, Gero, for you! https://cruiselevel.de/.../die-simulanten-episode-7.../ The podcast is in German! Enjoy, and have a great rest of your weekend, Jan
  3. Happy weekend everyone, I have some latest pictures for you to check out! We are making good progress and are working tirelessly to get the Eurofighter Typhoon to you as soon as possible!! If you have not yet checked out the latest interview with Gero, find it here: http://www.checksix-fr.com/dcs-module-ef-2000-interview-with-gero-and-tom-from-true-grit-english-version/ Enjoy the pictures and as always: Thank you for your amazing support! Dash
  4. Hello Everyone, first of all, let me say: YES, we are still going full steam ahead on the Eurofighter Typhoon project! In fact, we are making good progress on various parts and will give updates on those soon. For now, I have a link to an interview for you guys, where Gero and Tom answer the most recent questions. Make sure to check it out here: English version : http://www.checksix-fr.com/dcs-module-ef-2000-interview-with-gero-and-tom-from-true-grit-english-version/ French version: http://www.checksix-fr.com/dcs-module-ef-2000-interview-de-gero-et-tom-de-true-grit/ As always, thank you for your patience and support! Stay healthy, Dash
  5. NEW PROGRESS PICTURES Good morning guys, I have some new progress pictures for you! The cockpit is coming along nicely, Fragger is doing a great job. Also, make sure to start stretching your neck for those dogfights! :thumbup: Dash
  6. PROGRESS Hi guys, thank you for being patient. I have some good news for you today. The IRIS-T is CONFIRMED for the Eurofighter Typhoon in DCS! Check out the pictures and enjoy your Sunday. Dash
  7. Hi guys! thank you for staying patient and hyped at the same time. We know this is a long wait, but it will be worth it!! As always: As soon as we know more about release dates I will let you know immediately. Stay healthy, Dash
  8. PROGRESS Hi guys, I have some pictures from the workshop for you. Enjoy! Dash
  9. Happy Sunday guys! Here are a few NEW pictures on our progress, both interior and exterior. I will keep this thread going over the next months and continue posting pictures on the progress. Enjoy, Dash
  10. Hi everyone, thank you for the discussion. We know that EA and overall release state of the AC are an emotional topic. But it is an important one also. Our goal is to bring you a capable and exciting Typhoon. Wether we will realize it in an Early Access phase or not will be a decision made further down the road. A poll to get an idea what you (our customers) would prefer is a good idea and we will discuss the possibility. Thank you for staying tuned and excited guys! Keep up discussing, I know you can't wait to fight this beast. Dash
  11. Not a silly question at all! We will start of with the German version, but add other nations ! Dash
  12. Since we are adding new members to the team constantly it is tough to give you an answer on that. We have a good mix of all sorts of experts in their field. Thats what makes us great! Thanks, Dash
  13. For now TrueGrit Virtual Technologies is only focussing on the Eurofighter Typhoon. Who knows what the future holds. Thanks, Dash
  14. Great discussion to read through. As we have stated, we are bringing the most modern version of the EF we can get published. We will see how far we can go. Thanks, Dash
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