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  1. Thanks for your answer ! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, AWACS still detects it, I ended up finding a temporary solution, using the MOOSE script: https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE/blob /master/Moose%20Development/Moose/Functional/RAT.lua I put the civil planes in question in invisible with the script and it works the AWACS does not detect them any more. They are always displayed on my radar so it's great!
  2. Hello everyone and happy new year ! Do you know how to prevent AWACS from reporting to me all planes that belong to the neutral coalition? Whenever I do a mission where I put civilian planes in a neutral coalition, and bandits the AWCS does not distinguish one from the other it signals me both as being bogey, therefore as threats, or I would like to find a way so that he only indicates to me the bandits, would you know if it is possible ? Thanks for your help
  3. Thank you for your answers, I think the problem comes from a module that I deleted because it took up too much space. :doh: I deleted the Nevada map in the DCS folder to be able to install the Syria map, there are two problems :helpsmilie:: -The first is that the update obviously wants to reinstall it for me (the additional 30 GB equivalent to the size of the nevada map), this is the first problem. :book: How can I make sure to remove this map without being forced to reinstall it by updates ? :dunno: Second problem from what you said, the update is only 1.6 GB, so even taking into account the Nevada map it should only be 31.6 GB, but here the update wants to install 64 GB, so where do the other 32 GB come from ? I do not understand. :blink:
  4. Hello everyone, I don't know if it's me who's having the problem or if the latest patch is that huge. I'm at version "" Open Beta, and when I want to update to the latest patch "", I'm being asked for 64 GB of free space on my SSD (something that I obviously don't have) is there a problem or is the update for you too is that heavy ? :shocking: It seems huge 64 GB to me just for an update :dunno:
  5. English is not my mother tongue reason why my punctuation is bad, I don't know if the punctuation is similar in English. People do not ask questions to get attention or lower the value of this simulator but to have answers, and precisely because they consider that people who are more knowledgeable than them can help them to understand better which is very flattering for this forum and it is besides the intrinsic goal of a forum to exchange knowledge reason why you should not insulting them and treat them like shit because they don't know, this is what we understand when precisely our brain is not went on holiday, so no reason to be rude with other at first place. I understand the annoyance at repetitive questions that said, I do not try to argue, simply I did not appreciate this attitude, but no one is perfect, good afternoon.
  6. No translation some guys need to learn civilization and respect rather than video games and with regard to the obnoxious comment say to another member that he deserves to take slaps because he ask question that it's obnoxious and indicative of intellectual retardation these typically this kind of immature kid behavior that made it out of real army pilot like Mover or Ate from this forum unfortunately, and to top it off he's also wrong since the 72,000 feet have just been confirmed above, to say false things is one thing to say false things and be insulting it is obnoxious indeed...
  7. Sorry but the aggressive and contemptuous manner in which you communicate with other people who innocently ask a simple question (and which is legitimate, given that it is shared by a real f-16 pilot and that it finds echoes right here) as if they had insulted your mother is worthy of a real jockey as you say and proof at the very least of a delay in maturity or of a mental deficiency and does not even deserve that I linger to answer, sorry probably right, I allow myself to write thus since yourself seem to despise decorum grow up boy and learn politeness.
  8. when a real pilot with hundred hours on F-16 confirms this assumption, you should rather listen, nobody here has ever flown an f-16, so better slap yourself :book:
  9. I can confirm that too even with Gun ennemies plane become wayy more too resistant, I hope they will correct it very quickly, it's almost unplayable like that
  10. Is that a bug or something ? When i enter steerpoint in mission editor, when i start the mission no steerpoint are visible on the hud, I have to re-enter everything manually to see them is this normal?
  11. There are some images in go pro which i think he filmed himself which shows how he manages the throttle and the stick very interesting :
  12. Is it possible to receive data, which would be displayed on the SA, from an EWR55G6 ? I need it because with the F-18 radar it is almost impossible for me to detect a helicopter flying at 5000 feet :doh:
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