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  1. Thanks, that was it! As a point of feedback here, this looks like an opportunity to improve the mission description and maybe simplify the trigger a bit. It feels like this is far too specific of an action for what is something as arbitrary as a fly-over. I would recommend there is either a clear explanation of what is needed, or loosen the conditions a bit.
  2. Having similar issues as the OP. Looking for a little help. I've "Completed" the very first mission 3-4 times and so far unclear what the problem is for me to actually move forward in the campaign. I'm flying over the airbases roughly 1500ft (AGL), eventually I turn towards WP7 and I destroy all of the practice targets myself or let my wingman finish them off before we return to the carrier. Notes: I've never seen the skip refueling option in the menu. Should that be available after flying over Senaki ? Is the expectation to destroy all of the practice targets ?
  3. ED Team, is there any eta on when we might get a fix for this ? I feel the A10C module should receive better support for this type of issue. I realize the solution might not be trivial but its been several months with no updates.
  4. Could you update the thread title as well to reflect the problem it addresses ? It might make it clearer rather than just the description of the solution.
  5. Thanks! Super happy as I wasted countless hours trying different things this past week and nothing was making any sense.
  6. So, I've validated that the problem here is my setup and the Seagate Firecuda 520 drive. I tried a replacement unit of the same model drive and found the same issue persisted. I was finally able to resolve by replacing with a Samsung 970 NVME drive. This is without having to touch any bios, windows, or DCS settings.
  7. No, I haven't tried this since most of the reading I've done suggests I should enable that. Whats the purpose of that setting anyway ?
  8. I'm not using VR but I see its set to 1.0. My resolution is 3440 x 1440. Also here's a comparison of what I see as far as disk usage when running on the nvme drive vs the sata drive: Notice the spikes on the faster drive and continual disk access vs on the slower drive. Also, notice the transfer rate difference. NVME SATA
  9. Updated bios, and checked a few settings related the onboard controllers and nvme settings. Reset the to defaults as well. As I mentioned this is a clean build so Chrome, and dcs are the only things installed apart from basic drivers. I also am confident the NVME drive isn't overheating. At least I haven't seen signs of throttling even in benchmark tests. Is this just an issue with DCS ? Anyone with a similar setup ? Just to remind, I am on stable build - 2.5.5.
  10. So, my suspicion of this being a storage related issue is confirmed, running the same graphical settings on a 5 year old Sata 2 drive works perfectly for DCS on this new build. I also ran another test where I installed Windows on the SATA drive and DCS on the NVME drive and the stuttering was there again. At this point, this looks to be some type of issue with issue with how DCS is running in that name drive. I'm not sure of a solution at this point.
  11. On the Ryzen 9, I think this is called SMT. I tried it with no difference. I'm not sure about this. This same GPU performed fine with the same graphics settings and resolution on a Sata II drive. I have a gysnc monitor and it's always worked fine. I just tried forcing vsync in the nvidia settings but that didn't make a difference.
  12. This is a clean install of OS and Game.
  13. Hi All, Looking for a little help with a weird issue on a new build. I've been testing out the new build and noticed bad stutters in DCS. I've tried OB/Stable and different modules and maps with the same result. Also tried uninstall/reinstall as well. These are all new parts except the GPU however other games I've testing have worked fine. I've tried full/window and max preload radius, v-sync on/off. My previous build was on a Sata SSD with a 4790k and ran perfectly. Specs: R9 3900x ASUS x570 Pro FireCuda 520 1TB NVME GTX 1080TI 32GB DDR4 W10 Pro I made a short video of the issue. It's easy to see if you look at the buildings in the center of the screen. Is there a setting in windows or DCS that I should be looking at ?
  14. Thanks for insight Frederf. Unfortunately, I've been using the same install for a few years and honestly can't remember the history of my installs. My DCS install folder has mushroomed to 150gb which is almost half of my ssd. I cant imagine having 2 installs! I wish the instructions to do this worked as described in the thread i linked to. In theory, this should work fine. I will need to be mindful of updates I guess. I've had 2-3 cases recently where the a few bugs in the beta build broke the game for me. I was hoping for a quick opt out of beta.
  15. Hi All, looking for a little help with release versions. I would like to stay on the release branch. Following the instructions here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030 I ran this command and downgraded back to release branch: DCS_updater.exe update @release However, having done this I still get regular prompts for the beta. Is this expected ? My assumption here was that this was a permanent switching of my install to release branch and I would only get release updates. Can someone please clarify ?
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