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  1. I use a twist stick and the keyboard and can get around a packed carrier no problem. The free caster makes it turn arguably sharper than the Hornet in NWS HI.
  2. Just keep practicing. It's going to feel like a long road and then it will start to click. You're getting the "return pre-contact" call because the operation is timing out. I suggest practicing flying formation with the tanker to build skills. Really, that's all you're doing when you're AAR anyways, just there's a hose involved.
  3. I can tell you from some quick testing there definitely is a "sidewinder growl" of sorts on the L-39ZA simulation. Not saying who's right, or what is true. Just reporting my experience from testing. Because I own both the L-39 and Mi-24, and I was curious.
  4. So what? What you describe is pretty much exactly that issue...
  5. I assume it's because you don't know you're doing it, and thus repeating it every time...
  6. In the hind video the lock tone is intermittent (slow beeping), but on the L-39 it's steady with the R-60M.
  7. I don't like how badly blurred the rotor hub is on the Apache.
  8. 600 Knots Indicated, as much Mach as you're willing to handle. That's assuming this same configuration: It's on page 289 of the manual.
  9. It was exactly the problem I knew it would be as soon as I downloaded the track. You did not monitor the main rotor RPM. Thus, you failed to manage it.
  10. The audio is cut off too. Doesn't read all the text displayed on the screen.
  11. Would be a nice detail to see corrected. Thanks for finding it.
  12. Mission loads with 0 canon rounds for GSh-30K. Rear cockpit rounds counter reports full load of 2x125 rnds. Track Thanks, 30mm Counter Bug.trk PS: Can't scroll down the counter wheels, only scroll up (increase rounds value). Not sure if that's intentional.
  13. I would fire all my ATGMs first. Considering I knew this was the situation, I would bring 8xATGMs as a starting point. I would look at my weight situation (and the flight distance) and I would decide if I would even consider carrying anything else. Vs more fuel. After all my ATGM's were fired, and if there were still targets, I would assess if it's too dangerous to use the canon or any other stores I had decided to bring. If the targets left were still Tanks and AAA/SAM (or were still heavily defended), then there's really no point getting shot down trying to use anything else, and I would RTB. You can also stay on station and use Petrovich as reconnaissance for your teammates until you all departed, or you reached your fuel limit. I recommend approaching at an offset angle, then when you are ready to attack turning in, getting a quick line up, shooting, then breaking off. I suggest "jinking" (erratic flight path) to spoil their gun solutions. Watch that you don't overdo it and kill your speed. Use terrain/buildings/trees for cover/concealment. Those are AAA. Use the ATGMs.
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