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  1. No I didn't. I do not seek approval from those I consider victims or prey.
  2. Where did I say that ? Exactly. Empirical observation supported by your words here.
  3. Motivation is everything in determining intent. So you can read minds too, even on other continents. Well done. Your going to have to speak louder sonny ! And this is not derogatory ? Hipocryte. So much for the moral "high ground". I forgot how easy "you people" are. I never called anyone a name, you do protest alot.
  4. So the motivation is what ? What do you mean, "you people" ? You mean instead of responding to a poster with "kiss my a**" and "go $%&* yourself". Say something like "have a nice day" ? ;)
  5. The people that b*tch the most about a missle, are those that get b*tch slapped by them the most. And anyone flying a 27/33 who complains about 120's must consider for a moment that it is a "you" problem, not a game problem. Because others have gotten along just fine, no matter the version. Or numbers.
  6. Essah, is there another callsign you fly online ? I check the top online stats and forums a couple times a month too see if someone is getting the lions share of the kills and I have never seen your name. Have you recently changed your callsign ? If the answer to both is no, then nevermind.
  7. Almost as Stupid as a whole Country's people speculating on Tulips to the point where thier economy collapses, then blaming the whole incident on the imaginary goddess Flora. Almost, but not quite.
  8. Wow, I guess there is a Santa Clause. I'm in for a hard copy. Thx for the work TFC & ED.
  9. LMAO, wow so many "Aces", remindes me of closing time at the bar when the drunks need booted out. Theres always a few who have lessons learned comin' before they're carried or EMT'd from the parking lot. Your only as good as the people you fly with, if the best isn't in the room, then your just a part of the loser bowl finals. It works that way in real life also.
  10. *Removed by moderator Man these kinda things make me feel good :D More please LMAO !
  11. When Tacview came out I said it was a cheat and got "shouted" down by some of the very people responding to this thread. Well done. :D
  12. I want to see you suffa. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7551681671495743266&q=hed+pe&ei=-KM4SO6MO5784ALqtcjsAw&hl=en
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