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  1. Too bad, but I can personally wait another month (or more) for polishing of the AI and other stuff. Wouldn’t want George to go postal on the maiden voyage with this advanced bird Regarding the miles, I understand from the newsletter that anyone who bought the stand-alone version of the AH-64 module, will get their miles topped up to 8,500. Well, I did and the module is showing up as bought on my profile page but my miles are still showing ‘0’. Did I misunderstand the newsletter or…?
  2. Using the shader mod with the above fix solved the issue with the left panel in the A-10C for me. Thanks to @Taz1004 for making the fix and to @speed-of-heat for incorporating it in the consolidated version. Much appreciated. You guys rock!
  3. I'm having the same issue in the "old" A-10C cockpit and as it doesn't have the aged cockpit option it is rather noticable. Tried to disable all optimizations and improvements of the shader mod in the "_HMD.hlsl" settings file but same result. Also tried playing around with the shadow settings inside DCS and same result. @Taz1004 were you able to solve this for the A-10C-II cockpit?
  4. I spent 3 hours making my own checklist which turned out to be crap. This one really rocks though. Thanks!
  5. I'm also using Windows 7 together with a x1950pro and I just used the 8.12 Vista drivers which works fine.
  6. Which confirms my suspicion that this issue is not related to all ATI series.
  7. I have the exact same problem, exept I'm running XP. My card card is a ATI 1950pro and many of the other user reporting the problem has 19xx cards as well - coincidence? Anyway, I tried the settings suggested by Orford: - Disable AI - All settings in 3D application controlled - In the property settings for the shortcut i ticked "Disable visual themes" - I could not find the "disable desktop compasition" described by Orford - maybe it's only in Vista. Tried starting BS again, but the problem persisted so I tried various combinations in the properties for the shortcut, to no avail. So finally I gave in and rolled the drivers back to 8.12 and that worked. I would however be willing to try installing 9.3 again, if you have suggestions I should try.
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