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  1. Did you solve the problem? The same thing happened to me yesterday. I tried "Bootloader Method" and then upgraded the firmware and recalibrated, but it didn't help. The problem disappeared when I connected the throttle to another computer and installed the thrustmaser drivers and recalibrated. Try this before you return it to the seller or break it off the wall. Do not use a usb hub during the process, connect it directly to the computer.
  2. The fps is limited with RivaTuner to 60. I forgot to write it in the first post. I tried to play with unlocked FPS and 100% GPU utilization, but anything below or above 60 fps is causing me problems with TrackIR.
  3. A friend lent me a Xiaomi Mi 34 ''. Your prediction is correct. The GPU is struggling with my settings. Utilization at 99% all the time. F / A-18 free flight Caucasus mission 50-57fps, Spitfire The Channel free flight 40-50fps... When I turn off MSAA and SSAA the game just doesn't look good enough, regardless of resolution. I think the new monitor will wait for some better times. Thank you for your reply!
  4. Is there any point to upgrade to a 3440x1440 from a 2560x1080 monitor? I am currently using the i7 9700k and gtx 1080Ti. In most cases I have a stable 60fps and 80-85% gpu usage. Does it make sense to upgrade the resolution if i have to lover the details to keep 60fps? My current settings:
  5. Try to calibrate brake axis with MFG Configurator. It is very easy and fast, don't forget to click "apply" when you are done. There is "Dead Zone start%" option in Mfg Configurator. Put 6 or something like that there for brake axis.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. Of course it's export.lua... I used the DCS Repair Export function and now everything is working properly. Thank you!
  7. The Simshaker doesn’t work with the Su-25T, Su-25, Su-27, A-10A, in fact, it doesn’t work with planes that I guess should use a generic profile. A10C, F/A-18, F-15C, Bf-109 etc. work perfectly. I couldn't find a similar problem on the forum so I'm wondering if anyone knows a solution? I use DCS Open Beta, SimShaker for Aviators and Sound Module 2.26.
  8. You need more tension on the spring if you are using stiff damper settings. Very stiff damper won't add to the experience, just my opinion. If you suspect a mechanical failure, be sure to contact the MFG. In my experience, they proved to be very reliable and willing to help.
  9. I use a soft spring and CAM5 which has a very low center detent. There was the same problem with re-centering, and after loosening the nut everything works perfectly.
  10. Does anyone know how to make increase-decrease keybind for "Change Ripple Quantity"? I want it to work the same as Ripple Interval Increase-decrease. I managed to make "Cut Off Burst select" work as a toggle, if anyone needs it. {down = iCommandChangeGunRateOfFire, up = iCommandChangeGunRateOfFire, value_down = 1, value_up = 0, name = _('Cut Of Burst Toggle'), category = _('Weapons')},
  11. I believe that you over tighten the nut visible around 3:50 in this video:
  12. You can make it work with cheap wall shelf L brackets. Unfortunately, I don't have a better picture, this is from my old setup.
  13. You can't buy PC powerful enough to not be affected, by some weird Microsoft BS that no one really needs or has asked for. My Installed updates list after "the great purge" Microsoft Office also got deleted and replaced by the free Libre Office. Power plan from the video made a huge difference with stutters, but I'm using it only when playing DCS, for everything else I switch to balanced. After all of those tweaks I don't see any difference in performance between Hind, A-10C II or Hornet and I really hope your windows installation won't get messed up after following the video guide.
  14. Don't want to sound like some ED fanboy, but for the majority of performance problems DCS is not one to blame. I followed this guide, and uninstalled some problematic windows updates. Windows tweaks from the video completely eliminated stutter and gave me a noticeable FPS boost. My Nvidia drivers are 461.40 and I don't plan to update until some problem arise. I just want to point out that I use my PC only for the simulators and browsing safe pages and I can afford to potentially ruin my windows with tweaks.
  15. "Russian Knights" aerobatic team and Sukhoi Su-30 maybe?
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