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  1. I used the DP cable supplied with the monitor. How can I tell?
  2. Awesome to see this is happening! Great work!
  3. This has 1xHDMI, 2xDP and that USB-C or whatever it is. It's the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT. Original set up was monitor in DP#1, Reverb G2 in DP#2 and the USB port. When it quit reading the headset, I put the monitor on DP#2 and it went black. Right now I moved the monitor to the HDMI and the G2 in DP#1 and the USB. That was working (though it got super choppy in DCS) but then I started getting that weird thing where the right "lens" in the G2 seemed to move to the center.
  4. I'm hoping this is just a setting issue, but who knows. I recently got the updated cable for my Reverb G2. Since switching it out, I've had nothing but issues. I switched back to my other "old" cable, but now IT'S not working. I get the Mixed Reality Portal 1-4 error message, SteamVR cannot detect my headset. I swapped my monitor cable with the headset cable, and when it's in the second display port, it's black as pitch. Obviously, I now suspect my graphics card as the source of my woes. Any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nope, doing it with both cables. Fiddled with some setting though....seem to have gotten rid of the weird right eye thing. But still having that weirdness in the DCS 'hanger'.
  6. Okay, so I was using the old cable for my Reverb G2, no major problems that could not be attributed to me being computer-stupid. Then I got the new cable and things seemed to go wonky. Even when just starting up, it "looks" like the right eye monitor has slid over halfway to the left eye side. Then, even if it did appear to be working properly, in the DCS menu screen (in the hanger) the picture would move with my head, like it was constantly trying to recenter itself. Lot of flickering and such. Also, on my monitor, where you would usually see what the headset was seeing, there were TWO distorted images side by side. Any ideas? Is this related to this cross eyed thing?
  7. I took a Playchair Air Force seat, stuck a Warthog throttle on the left and a VKB MCG on the right, VKB rudder pedals on the floor. Now I gotta pick a plane to start mapping stuff and learn how to use it.
  8. Sorry, MCG. I flashed it with the non-twist firmware though
  9. Gunfighter MKIII....it seems to work fine though. Think I got it. Had to relabel from JOY_RZ to JOY_RX.
  10. Both have their own black boxes. Not sure about 'calibration'. I clicked "start calibration" in the configurator but nothing seemed to happen. I did notice in DCS that it says "Joy_YZ", but when I look at it in Windows 10, it says "Axis X".
  11. I've finally got my stick and pedals flashed and showing up in DCS, but now when mapping stuff, I've noticed the rudder pedals don't exhibit any 'motion'. When I move the stick, I see the little white line move on the appropriate axis, but nothing on the pedals. Any ideas?
  12. I had my fiancé give it a whirl. While not much into computers/flying/etc. she did say her stomach felt it when the F-16 banked, etc.
  13. Well, not dumb per se but I did reach up to rub a smudge on the canopy.
  14. I have no idea what Re-Size Bar does, but I'll give it a whirl. LOL And I'll see about the axis. All of this is new to me, so I'm learning as I go along. LOL And I hang my tongue out and drool on a NORMAL day, let alone today.
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