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  1. Uau.... then we have a problem with the radar? the radar signature I locked, had the same size on the screen than the battle ship I was suposed to avoid. If you say that signature belongs to a gun boat, then we have a problem with the radar, because if you see the track, you will also notice no other signture was there, so a gunboat was detected and a cago ship wasnt?
  2. Here you have @JG54_NF2. Track attached. Version of DCS is latest beta Training-09-Anti-ship Missile.miz_20032022_19-10.trk
  3. I have been trying the trainning mission for the 802 anti ship missile bundled with DCS for the JF17. Followin the creen instruction the missile flies towards the turn point, it turns and some seconds later it just explodes. I have tried with a custom mission and I got the same results: missiles just explodes TO reproduce: fly the antiship training mission and see what happens after the missiles turns after the turn point
  4. Is the camera even working on ythe missiles? I have not been able to get a camera view with the datalink pod, only thing I get once the missle activates the transmision is a screen with only noise on it, cant see anything and IM 35 miles away from it, inside the 120 degrees cone
  5. In some situation when you jump into the cockpit and try to start the aircraft, the battery doesnt work, so you have to request ground power. Everything OK upto this point. You can continue with the start up process without any problem. If you forget to request ground power to be disconected, you can take off. But when you land and start the shut down sequence. When you turn off engines and turnoff all the power, all the electronics stay turned on. You have to request ground power off in order to shutdown all the electroncs. It is not something critical but it is a detail
  6. Why not focus on better request.. DO you look a lot at the pilot's legs and body while flying? I would recommend looking outside the cokpit or the instruments
  7. Ok. I have been fighitn these last days since the update. The SD10s are now not useless but close to that. I have done shoots from 9 NM, and the missile has been notched. From 9 NM, and it is a childs game to notch a missile shoot from 15 to 20 NM, it is super easy, the re is no need to even use chaffs Has this been reported? this is happening since last update.
  8. I think this issue is also affecting the SD10. I dont have a track to show, but Im seeing the SD10 being really really easy notched by target flying at 30K, something almost impossible to do in the past. Also, Im seeing the SD10 behave exactly as the 120s now when loosing track. It seems as if the INS system added to the 120s is also working on the SD10s
  9. It is just me or since the last update where the tracking system of 120s was modified the SD10s are showing problems at tracking the target? It looks like ti is far more easy to dodge them now and they loose track very easily if the target notches the missile. Also it looks like they are behaving the same as the 120 regarding what they do when they loose track. Has anyone observed something weird?
  10. if not showing the content of the MFDs, can I set it up to have control over the buttoms of the left/right MFDs?
  11. Hello, on today's update I saw there was a thrust modification for the JF17 engine. What was this change exactly?
  12. Can I use Matric to have not only the UFCP but the left/center o right MFCDs?
  13. you still have a mode that will do something similar to what you want: ACT mode. In that mode you set up coordinates and launch, the missile will then sear for target in the coordinates zone. Thant means that you can launch the misile to an area where you suspect the SAM is located, then try to make that sam goes active and paint you. With some coordination you might achive having the missile many kms closer to the sam when it goes active and paint you.
  14. Thank you all. For the procedure and for the controls advice, they were reset indeed!
  15. Hi. How do we exactly use the exp mode added in the latest update? I dont see how to use it, not at least clear to me. Thanks in advance
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