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  1. There is one already, not sure who runs it: https://discord.gg/rpeQ5Jjc
  2. Got the part that AV8B’s will be activated ones an island is captured, but would it be possible to add a smaller amount of AV8B’s departing from Tarawa? Maritime ops are insanely fun
  3. The RB24J is a must for the strikers. Everyone that I know on the server has kept to 2-4 RB24J’s per flight. One way to limit folks that hop in and load up with x6 is to place the RB24J’s on Road Bases only. This way the dedicated strikers have the possibility to arm up, and the less dedicated will stick with the RB24’s.
  4. That 24 was definitely not using the terrain as cover .. think he learned a valuable lesson.
  5. Might be the sand dust/mist that gives the FPS a hard time.
  6. Syria is a Hilo’s dream, great to have the mission back
  7. Ossetia: Not sure what happened but the EWR stopped working a few minutes in to the mission, probably a bug. Was struggling with the flight school house. It took a hit, caught on fire but did not go down. Not sure what that thing is made of hehe. I think it is enough with x2 main road blocks on waypoint 1. The 3rd one is pretty hard to spot. We landed on the road base several times, spot on! I think those Red Bull markers can be removed. Viggens nav system is pretty accurate so it takes us straight over it.
  8. Road ops: The Viggen is one very capable road runner, as long as the wheels stay of the grass. Main problem are electricity poles, which are an issue for the wide winged plane. The road that you have made available for road operations on the Catch me if you can mission is sufficient for all load-outs. There is only need for a turnaround road junction, or another straight stretch after the Farp. This way the plane can land, stop for rearming, and continue straight ahead for takeoff. Ossetia: Great mission, still one of my favourites. I was that other Viggen working on waypoint 5 and 3. Yesterday was more of a learning curve on how to deploy bombs and rockets correctly. I’m sure that there will be a better result next time. It would be great if there was a roadbase half way, due to the distances. By distances I mean that one has to stay low in the valleys to avoid the 29’s, which makes the way to the target much longer than the assigned straight line. I do also agree that this mission, and some other ones, should get rid of the F14 & Mig29, they are overkill. SAM’s were pretty active around the Kutaisi training airport, waypoint 3. Got at least 3 SA2 launches together with AAA’s ones I popped up for the bomb run, which is pretty realistic. I would keep the SAM’s as they are. Any chance on grouping the target 5 buildings bit closer together, or reduce by 2 buildings?
  9. The warehouse at a Farp is fully controllable by the game architect. I’m sure this will be amended.
  10. I don't think it has to do anything with the road base itself, more likely that the weapons inventory have been bugged or the RB74 ticked by mistake.
  11. Finding a road base and follow the landmarks to it’s location should be a challenge and used by those that can find it. Fun to have these ops bases around
  12. This was a fun mission of yours, glad to have it back!
  13. I’m also for removing precision weapons, but only if short range Sam’s like the Avenger, SA13, SA9 etc. would be removed. Keeping a single Manpad around to guard the the air, together with few light to medium armoured vehicles could work well for rocket and bomb strikes. Would be great if there were more large target objects, just like on the Mountain Cries and Open Range missions. I have seen flyers attack Farps on both sides, but is it really worth it? The hilo pads will still be able to launch helicopters and run ctld ops, right?
  14. Here’s two pics showing the RB24 followed by the RB24J. It’s pretty easy to identify them. We can give a heads up about the limited amount available for those that load up with more than two RB24J’s per flight.
  15. I hope that the regular Viggen flyers (about 10 of us) will stick with x2 RB24J’s per flight.
  16. The Viggen is a brilliant striker, but it takes some dedication to master. Many if us that fly it use it for strike purposes only, and trying to stay away from the lighter 21’s/19’s as much as we can. We have almost twice as much fuel onboard which makes it a clumsy dogfighter, but the fuel helps us to get out of harms way if we need to. I still say that server rules with x2 RB24J’s should be applied and warnings first, followed with short term bans if disregarded, for those that break them.
  17. I’m sure the word would spread after a few whoopsies have been made. There is a bunch of us watching the battlefield almost daily, so pointing out a rule bender would not be that hard. Just an idea.
  18. There could be a simple solution to the maxed out RB24J load out. A simple server rules pop up text for the Viggen pilots on startup, saying that a Max x2 RB24J’s are allowed per flight. If these guidelines are not followed then a gentle slap on the wrist should do the job.
  19. x2 RB24J’s is all the Viggen needs. We were hiding in the clouds on the Swedish delivery mission cruising towards the SA sites. Felt pretty venerable getting merge calls when loaded to the neck with rockets.
  20. Shots from 'Swedish Delivery' round 2 & the always awesome 'Catch me if you can' mission.
  21. A picture and a nod for todays Swedish delivery, great to have it back Not sure what happened with the Sam's. I passed all the waypoints and could only find 2 EWR's. Had also the opportunity to try out the RB24 for the first time. Oh my they are useless. Found myself undetected behind a 21, and launched all 4 missiles within different ranges and they all decided to track the horizon. This was in level flight, 1G environment. I always thought the RB24's were like the K13/R3S.
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