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  1. That was quick work, Exocet. Many thanks. Regards, Murdok.
  2. Quick question: Is VRK in addition to, or a replacement for the DCS kneeboard. Regards, Murdok.
  3. Hello, JR, With the upgrade to DCS to the atest version, your great Mod no longer seems available in Mission Editor. Those mission created prior to the upgrade still show some of the items included in the mod and still work, but that's as far as it goes. Any thoughts? Regards, Murdok.
  4. Hello, Does anyone have any experience playing DCS using an Ultra-wide VR headset? Would appreciate your experience compared to the "regular" headsets such as Vive Pro, Rift, etc. Many thanks, Murdok.
  5. Many thanks. Makes bombing certainly more "interesting". Regards, Murdok.
  6. I have recently installed Tacview and while I find the program very useful there appears to be a substancial discrepency between the Tacview AGL weapons release altitude and the aircraft altimeter indicated altitude (pressure set correctly). Any other F5 Jocks having this issue? Regards.
  7. Shame... Thanks for the reply. Regards.
  8. Did as instructed but when trying to bind the switch to the "command" the message "No command available for this device" flags up. Any thoughts?
  9. Did follow your instructions and indeed ended up with a Cat. Shortcuts. However, it flags "No Command Available for this Device". Any thoughts?
  10. Many thanks for the quick reply. I want to assign the gear UP/DOWN command to switch 16 (ENG L) on my HOTAS quadrant but as I am not computer literate I am not sure where in your .lua amendment I should refer to that particular switch. Appreciate your help again. Regards, Murdok.
  11. Hello fellow F-5 Jocks. Has anyone been successful in assigning the landing gear Up/Down command to a single HOTAS Throttle toggle switch? If so, would love to know how to amend the .lua file. Regards, Murdok.
  12. Hello, fellow F5 Jocks, From one day to the next I am unable to get 100% power on both engines using my HOTAS throttle quadrant. Both engines will spool up to approximately 90% (Mil) and approximately 98 - 99% using afterburner. I ran a repair on DCS 2.5 but that did not have the required effect. Any thoughts, ideas, recommendations? Regards, Murdok.
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