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  1. its not possible for FC3 aircrafts
  2. most servers have a "dont be a dick" and "use common sense" rule somewhere. if you explicitly need every thing written out it only shows that you are looking for loopholes to exploid. If you exploid such loopholes and get slappet on tha hand ....dont act surprised
  3. the OP asked for PROPER cockpits, half of the above once use DCS cockpits with an external model
  4. hi,I am learning how to make an mfd using lua, but the download link in your previous post cannot be downloaded. Can you share one again, thank you very much


    previous post:https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/153752-example-simple-hudmfd/

  5. if you constantly need to "abuse" such a feature to get attention, your mod probably isnt worth downloading anyway
  6. is there a way to remove the gray haze from the window glass so one can see the outside world a bit more clearly?
  7. you cant just post something about how YOU think something should be and expect people who dont like it not voicing thier opinions. Worse you dismiss opinions not aligned with your as "ranting". Sorry but this is not how this works. also, I am here just because i care about my game, just so you know.
  8. why do people have an issue with 90° angels? and why does it allways need to look like its on cocain? sorry but i really hope DCS does not take inspiration from this one
  9. i have the same issue, but the bar is blue, like the pilots cloth. using stock livery/textures for my L39
  10. FC3 goes boom and the AI gets confused as hell
  11. that is the correct link, the "community A-4E v1.4zip" at the bottom of the page it should look roughly like this in the end savedgames/dcs/mods/aircraft/
  12. or maybe...A4s or MB339 or T45 once its released so lets keep to the facts here.
  13. there is of course the slight chance we speak about 2 different things but the SFM has some quirks in that regard
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