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  1. When I watched U tube videos on targeting in various modes, flying the F-15. You switch on the radar, change the range and when you see the targets, place the targeting bracket over the target and lock it up. Why doesn't this work for me? I cannot get a lock! What am I doing wrong? I seem to be following the tutorial to the letter but to no avail. Any help please, I get shot down every time. I'm getting good at bailing out!:cry:
  2. Konstantin told me I could install both Nevada and Normandy terrains into Alpha. Nevada is on and works fine. Normandy is shown as a choice but doesn't work? When I choose it to fly my Spitfire the game just hangs. I cannot close the game and have to switch off my PC, which then informs me that Normandy is asking for the serial is. I click it to go back , insert my serial but it just closes, doesn't say wrong serial. Has anyone any ideas to help.
  3. Decided to delete both versions and start over again. DCS World open alpha 1 now has Nevada and when the download finishes DCS World open Alpha 2 will have the Normandy map. Thanks to all , at 75 it all becomes somewhat confusing!
  4. It's ok , found out the problem, I was trying to install into the earlier version and it didn't recognize it. The main problem I have now is that I have lost my Nevada terrain which I bought, but now, using the DCS Updater, it states unknown Nevada terrain? God I'm lost.
  5. The explanation is very concise, however, it isn't possible, at least on my Win 10 64 bit pc. If I do exactly as you state, the file "bin" where the exe file lives is grayed out and not accessible. I do understand that the new update utility needs to find the words "Open Alpha" but I am unable to do so?
  6. Sorry me again! The new DCS Updater Utility doesn't find my original DCS World which is now version Where within the game folder, should I point? because pointing to the game title within my program files doesn't work.
  7. So Civit, you are saying that the two versions will merge. So if I just wait all my aircraft and other bought apps will all be in the same place. Ok, I can wait and live with that . Shall wait and see. Though to be honest, like every other game I have played in the past thirty years, the bigger they get, the more room for errors become. Thx for your prompt reply
  8. I'm sure I am missing something here. Can anyone tell me the purpose of DCS World 1.5? I thought this was going to integrate the two standing versions into one? Instead, I now have three version on my pc. This is getting silly! Also, I have found it impossible to download my paid for modules into the Nevada range set up, in spite of being advised to download the GUI application . When I run this to get the planes that are clearly shown ready to download in my module, it states, nothing to download. I'm on the verge of going back to Il-Sturmovik. Please, anyone HELP.:doh:
  9. I have modules to download but when I click on them the game just closes down. I uninstalled the whole game but after reinstallation nothing as changed, except, that I now have no planes either. This game was my favorite for years but now the lack of aid from the site is making the whole thing a waste of time of my time.:pain::pain::pain:
  10. What as happened to the file that is supposed to repair the setup and look for updates? I run both versions of the game, it is missing from both of them.
  11. Realy not ready Thanks for all the input. Don't think I'll bother. My pc plays just about anything I throw at it and I'm not going to spend another pile of cash on upgrades.
  12. As of today, would I be advised to by Oculist rift merely to fly in this game and are my specs sufficient? Intel ® core CPU 3.50GHz (4CPUs) Mem 8192MB DirectX 12, Gforce GTX 960
  13. Has anyone made a good config ini profile for this game? It would be nice to know everything is set to the max for good visual display.
  14. Could anyone give me a safe overclocking rule for my NVidia GE force 960 4meg. I am constantly getting black screens which last for 30 seconds or so, by which time I've probably crashed.:helpsmilie:
  15. Sorry if this question is somewhat assanine but how do I get the gun funnel to show?:bash:
  16. Can I delete game and reinstall ?
  17. If I click repair, after a quick search, it just starts the game. I have both versions of the game, I think it's 1.5, the other version is the training ground with Las Vagas. I have no mods.
  18. Instant action Instant action F15 intercept among others. DxDiag.txt
  19. Lately during a mission the screen goes black and there is nothing I can do except wait for the crash. This is really p---ing me off!:mad:
  20. Since the last update I have found that upon loading a particular mission or training exercise,:cry: the game loads the mission but when I click fly, it goes back and starts loading again. Ad nauseum. So I don't get to fly.
  21. Taxi'ing and takeoffs Actually I managed the takeoff's quite well. It was moving the plane from the parking to the runway I found impossible. The plane kept going round in circles and veering off at odd angles. Surely this must be a setting for the rudder?
  22. Been trying to set the inputs for the Spitfire, I select the required task in the list, press the button on my Warthog but it doesn't register.:noexpression:
  23. Take off difficulty Tried my Spitfire for first time . Found it very hard to taxi to runway. How should I set up my axis for best smooth performance? I fly with the warthog hotas. Why is there no axis for roll?:helpsmilie:
  24. I am at the end of my tether. The profiler just doesn't seem able to keep my inputs. After any change, I always save the profile and load it before a mission but it's gone again. This didn't used to happen. Is it some update fault? It is spoiling any pleasure I got from playing this amazing simulation.:mad:
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