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  1. Thanks all, and especially AndyJWest. I suspected it required 2.7, but thanks for confirming that. I'll just practice touch and goes.
  2. The hook does not come down at all. The cockpit lever moves, but the hook doesn't. None of the advisory/caution lights come on at all. For example, I can cold start the aircraft just fine, but there are no lights telling me it's ready, etc. I am running the latest stable version of DCS. Do others have ths problem? Thanks.
  3. Great mod, but I don't have the same functions I see in the videos. That is, : no indicator/caution/warning lights no functioning tail hook. I just downloaded v1.01 that indicated these bugs were fixed but no luck in getting them on my install. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I ended up going to the DCS world files , found channel map there, and just deleted it. Seems to have solved the notification problem on opening DCS.
  5. Well thanks for all your comments. I appreciate your helpfulness. The problem was my throttle was set with no curve, so finding the sweet spot for it to kick over was difficult. Put a dead zone of 7 in the throttle and starts nicely now.
  6. I have only managed to start the P-47 D 2 times after many, many tries. I've tried moving the throttle to various points. putting the mixture in auto rich before starting, priming the pump several different ways, etc. It's annoying to go thru the whole process with no results and a waste of a whole lot of time. I've seen mention of an autostart feature, but I've not seen the key combos for this aircraft. Can anyone tell me what they are so I can start this beast up in a hurry? Thanks.
  7. I downloaded the free to try Channel Map but I can't find it installed anywhere. I was monitoring the download but I had to leave for an hour, and when I got back apparently the down load was complete. It doesn't show up as installed, and also it's not on the list again to try a reload. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks so much. I was trying to figure out how to find and use this asset pack. Do you by any chance have a similar cheat sheet for verbal comms especially in combat applications. Thanks.
  9. 77 Did sims from almost the beginning of sims , some combat but mostly MSFS. Started DCS about 9 months ago and still trying to learn as much as possible. I'm surprised and happy there are older folks into this as well as me.
  10. Is there a guide that explains the terminology used in air combat? I get a few of the terms like Spike and Angel but I miss a lot. I'm busy trying to figure out what my wingman is saying when the missal hits me. Thanks
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