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  1. I am in a squadron but when I attempted to go to the server, the server name was 'grayed out' and unable to join. There were people on the server. The people in the squadron don't know the cause. The rest of the servers was normal and no problem joining. What is the cause of the gray out and how do I fix it? Thank you in advance.
  2. Some of the system switches on the right and left panel are hidden behind the canopy mechanism. Is there a key command to see these switches? Any help appreciated.
  3. The nose wheel won't lower or appears to be 'stuck' when it starts to deploy. No problems with the left and right gear. I tried remapping and keyboard command but the same thing. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  4. The Mig-15 reflects Soviet thinking of the time. No frills, simple. May even be called 'rough around the edges.' It wasn't made to be pretty. It was made to fly, shoot stuff down, get home and easy to train on. 27MM and 37MM cannons are devastating. The F-86 on the other hand was more refined in construction and reflects different thinking of East and West at the time. Having flown both the F-86 and Mig-15, I prefer the Mig, but that is just a personal thing. IMHO the Mig has advantage at altitude and climb, but roll rate decreases with speed. The Sabre seems a bit more responsive at lower altitudes and has a better roll rate at all speeds. I think the biggest disadvantage with the Sabre is time on target. With the 50cal guns, have to put a lot of rounds in the target to take it down. With the Mig's cannons, shorter time on target,: One or two rounds into the target and it goes down.
  5. I just bought the F-16 and can't seem to trim it. Trim does nothing. As it is flying, the nose drops. Even with control of the stick, the nose wants to drop. It does the same thing in a turn. If acts as if it is fighting auto pilot, or trying to return to a trim setting. Trim switches and autopilot are off. Have to keep constantly trying to maintain level flight. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Thank to all for the response. I'll check it out.
  7. I just bought the FW-190 D. I hammered it a lot as far as RPM. I didn't seem to have any problem with the engine. Just experimenting with it now. Roll is very good. On take off, goes to the left a bit but not anything that can't be controlled. Kind of like a P-47 on takeoff but not as pronounced. Actually kind of nice on takeoff for a tail dragger. Landings is nice from what I've experienced. Nice climb. Does loop and split S with no problems. Loops were surprisingly tight once I got used to the stick a little. Can turn tight with rudder. At 20,000 feet, cruises right along. (Will take it higher later.) I haven't compared, but about the same speed as a P-47 but seems to get there a little bit faster. Does not gain as much speed in a dive as a P-47. Lighter on the stick than a P-47. Respectable firepower. With an experience 190 pilot, I don't see why it wouldn't be competitive. Overall, cool airplane, I like it.
  8. I just bought the Viggen and I have the AA missiles down. Now I am studying the bombing release. I have the weapons selector to bombs (forgot the Swedish word : )) The nav on. I hold in the safety, pull the weapon release and release...nothing. I also tried mapping the safety to two buttons, safety on..safety off. Switch safety 'on'..pull weapon release..nothing. Second is the HUD. The targeting symbols go to far up or down and disappear. I tried adjusting the HUD up, then down. I also tried adjusting the seat up and down but the symbols get lost. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I fly the P-47 mostly but I also have the Spitfire. It's a very good combat aircraft. All aircraft have their own eccentricities, mechanical needs etc. I think the Spitfire fly's a lot like a P-51 in my own experience in DCS. Tight turning, very good speed, respectable firepower. Relatively easy to takeoff and land with practice. Very responsive and agile in the air. IMHO, at the end of the day, there is no 'better' airplane. It comes down to the pilot knowing his aircraft's strengths and weaknesses, and plan his or her tactics accordingly.
  10. I suppose everyone has their own preferences. The P-47 was my first war bird. I was really surprised how easy it was to takeoff and land. Once trimmed, rock solid in the air. My favorite. Mustang to me would be next easiest to fly. Then Spitfire. The worse for me is the BF-109. (Takeoff and landing) I believe the BF-109 actively conspires against me...
  11. I just bought the BF-109. I really like the plane. Very maneuverable and responsive. My problem is, I cannot find a way to trim the ailerons. The plane constantly wants to tilt to the right. I don't have this problem with the Spit, Mustang or Jug. (All have trim for nose and ailerons) There is trim for the nose (up/down) but no aileron trim. If anyone has a solution or can point me to where the aileron trim is. Or, how do I trim the airplane so it doesn't tilt and want to go right, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  12. Rudel. Thank you very much for the help and response. It worked as you suggested.
  13. Hi. I downloaded the WW2 asset pack but I can't find it in the mission editor. I have the Syria, Caucasus and Persian Maps. Do I need the Normandy or Channel map to use WW2 assets? Any help or instructions on to use would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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