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Radio arguments

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I have a problem with the editor mission. I try to do a triggeur with radios, but i can't find how their values ​​works.

they say to 1 and 15, but can't not return a value greater than 1.




thank you in advance.

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I'm trying to make some ramped AI A-10s take off when the ground commander gives some sort of command to make it happen. So far I am able to make them take off on a timer, take of if units are in a zone, but I do not know how to make something like a radio command or a switch where the units will move. Simply telling them a path doesn't activate them.


Didn't mean to hijack but thought a bump could help both of us.

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The radio trigger doesn't work via the clickable radios in pit. They appear as selectable radio messages in the #-radio menu.


Or do I understand you guys wrong?


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