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Autopilot and manual DH


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Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I just cannot have the autopilot to follow my desired Heading bug on my HSI.

I am switching the HSI mode to Manual DH/DT. Select DH on my left panel. Set the DH bug of my HSI to whatever heading I want then engage autopilote using the route switch on the collective.(SAS modes all turned on). But nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.:huh:

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I never thought of trying something like that ...


But my understanding is, the AP follows only the PVI-800 and further more, the HSI is only a display device and provides no control input to the AP.


So if you set the DH/DT switch of the AP panel to the middle position ("manual"), the AP does not steer towards a waypoint if heading hold is enabled. Instead, it just holds the current, trimmed heading. If you now set a heading at the HSI (setting DH/DT to manual), the HSI will not show the heading the AP is steering (in our case: the last trimmed heading), but instead the manually entered heading. Then it is up to you to navigate accordingly ... :o)

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Well, in every aircraft in the world with an HSI, the heading bug is allowing you to set te desired heading to be followed by the AP. Well, fair enough, ka50 is not like any aircraft of the world.

Now I am looking at the manual, you could be right:

Route without Task


If a navigation task is not selected, meaning that no waypoint, target, or airfield is selected from the Navigation panel, it is possible to engage Route mode to maintain your current flight path. Thus, current flight path parameters like pitch, roll, yaw, and altitude are saved in the navigation system.


To engage Route mode without a task, switch off all task buttons on the Navigation panel: Waypoints, Targets, and Airfields.


The position of the Desired Heading – Desired Track Angle switch does not influence navigation.


 Stabilize the helicopter in level flight with the desired speed.


 Engage ROUTE mode by setting the “МАРШРУТ-СНИЖЕНИЕ” (ROUTE – DESCENT) switch on the collective to the ROUTE position and the helicopter will hold current flight parameters and bearing.


For changing flight parameters it is necessary to:


1. Press and hold the Trimmer on the cyclic stick.


2. Set new flight input (bearing, pitch and speed).


3. Release the Trimmer button.


During such flight, monitor the aircraft's position on the ABRIS map and compare the heading information of the HSI and the magnetic compass.


According to the flight plan, you may need to switch ADF channels and use the NDB bearing indication.


So what's the Manual DH/DT / Auto switch nearby the HSI useful for? Just for the ADF needle?


Seems like the Mi-8 AP can do a lot more than the ka50 one, eventhough there are 3 people to handle it and only one to handle the ka50.

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If you want to learn about the APs you can download the interactive tutorial that someone made for the ka-50 its explained there pretty well.

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