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I really wish we had a better label system, because I can't see anything without them unless I know EXACTLY where to look. In a dogfight I might as well turn around and go home.


I know you can edit the distances they show up, but they still show through clouds, at night, and even through the bottom of your cockpit. I wish ED would implement a system that takes into account these kind of visual conditions, possibly even the size of the object as well. This way I'd still be able to spot things without having a God's eye view of everything. Ideally they wouldn't show as red or blue either until you're close enough to (in RL distance) identify the type of plane at least.


I know you're supposed to use AWACS and sensors, but the Mk I Eyeball can never be replaced.


Just a wish. I can live with just modifying the distances if I must.

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