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Extremely Confused, Need assistance please!


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Hello Community,

First off, I want to apologize in advance if I am posting in the wrong area, I tried picking a area that would best match my question.


Question 1

I was debating about getting Falcon 4.0 and I have been confused on this for weeks, Is Falcon 4.0 and Falcon 4.0 Allied Force two separate games entirely?


I thought I read on one website that Allied Force had all the same features as the regular Falcon 4.0, but then I thought I read a article saying their entirely different games. I was trying to see if someone could help me with this.


Question 2

Last but not least does anyone have any good recommendations for a military helicopter sim outside of Flight sim X, I have take on helicopters and all the Arma games, I was trying to find something dedicated to military attack helicopters. (Hopefully DCS gets these beautiful helicopters out more frequently :music_whistling: :))


Question 3

Also I can not find the forum with the next possible release aircraft for DCS. Just asking because I got Dora and Sabre, now I have to get that wallet ready again for my next beauties :)


Thank you everyone! :) And sorry if the questions seem idiotic, I tried figuring out Falcon 4.0, what really confused me is I seen Falcon 4.0 for almost 100 dollars on Amazon but allied force for like 29 dollars so I assumed Allied force was a water down version, and the helicopter sims, I wasn't sure if they had a dedicated military sim out there, I just recently found out about steel beast as a tank sim and have a blast with that so I didn't know if there was one under the radar that someone in the community might know about. And the last one I seen post where people were saying what they thought were coming out but wasn't confirmed and didn't know if anyone had news on what modules were coming possibly.

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Best sim heli is here in DCS World: KA-50, Huey, Mi-8 ...

Any other FSX, X-plane heli looks like arcade by comparision with above modules.

Arma series including their Take-on Helicopter game are not simulators at all.


There is no dedicated forum for news, but separate topics. Right now you have to keep an eye on VEAO and Leatherneck 3rd parties while they will came out with Hawk and Mig21-Bis.


Regarding Falcon, I never play it and now it makes no sense for me to do it just because it remains kind of obsolete. Their updates are only some facades. In DCS we are all expecting radical changes starting with their new EDGE and DCS 2.0.0 ... hopefully this year. If you asking me I would say save your 100$ for two more DCS modules.

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