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[ VNAO 2.0 ] A few questions

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I would like to ask about a few things which are related to VNAO Mod ( version 2.0 ) for Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2.


1. In VNAO planes there is no ECM system. Could you tell me if there is any chance to edit something to have ECM? For example in F/A-18F Super Hornet? The real Super Hornet has got ECM system, in game has not which is a quite problematic during fight against enemy.


2. In VNAO mod there are a lot of bombs and missiles which aren't able to use. For example, let's look at AGM-154. It's possible to take it but not to use it, in contrast to AdA Mod v2 where using it is possible. Honestly using AGM-54, GBU-12, GBU-31 JDAM is problematic against armored objects like BUK. I remember that in AdA Mod there wasn't any problem to destroy it by using SCALP ( AGM-154 ).


3. I'd like to find out if it's possible to attack moving objects and objects at night.



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