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  1. Where shall I place it? SavedGames folder is all I need? I did it but I guess it's too less, it'd be placed in Mods folder or something?
  2. Didn't test it cause I don't have Apache but I'd like to see this when Eurofighter is released.
  3. I updated my templates for Caucasus Air Bases by adding new things and replacing some other by these which gives more fps. Should be relased soon.
  4. Polish AFB and civilian airports v.4.5 (digitalcombatsimulator.com) My mod which contains that mod too.
  5. Valium

    Airfield lights

    I meant ramp lights, not runway. Runway wasn't changed. Sorry that I didn't explain that before.
  6. Hello. I've created template for a few Caucasus AFB and Airports. I've made two version with 2 types of light. Honestly, I have no idea which would be better and more realistic. When I'm looking at FPS, I can't notice any difference usually. Which one would you choose?
  7. Hello, I made a mod with CFT (with permission). Weapon mod [DCS] + CFT_Mod_1.9 (digitalcombatsimulator.com) There's also working GBU-24 added. The rest is ready to take but not to use although latest DCS updates made part of them working.
  8. Hello, could you share with the latest version?
  9. I see one of my base template ~Valium1994
  10. Persian Gulf has totally different climate comparing to Afghanistan.
  11. Have you ever thought about cooperation with Taz? He made really good-looking trees. Not sure but the latest version is v5 and you can choose light/dark/medium color and normal and low resoultion,
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