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Recovery autopilot


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I'm not sure the Recovery button on joystick is under Avionics, but I'll post it here.

I sometimes loose control over the plane, and it seems to have something with the automatic stabilizer function, going vertical instead of horizontal, sometimes.

Tried to reproduce it in a track, it eventually happened. This time after I climbed near the end of track, and suddenly it became normal again just before end of track.

MiG-21bis Unstable recovery.trk

i5 4670 - Sabertooth Z87- GTX Titan - Dell U3011 30" - 2x8GB RAM 1800 - Samsung 840 EVO 512GB SSD - Warthog HOTAS - CH Pro pedals - TrackIR5 - Win7 64bit


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Are you referring to STABILIZATION or RECOVERY modes?


Please provide a bit more details on flight conditions and aircraft behaviour.


No need to attach tracks (except for the other forum members who want to have a look) since I can't play them because of differences in public Beta and my local files.


Thank you.

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